Goodbye to you after a long time!

I’ve been supposed to share this recipe for a month now, but it’s been a lot of work again. Yesterday the ukkeli did this again, and it’s so good that I have to put it on the air.

I haven’t had used kohlrabi since I was on keto, and I had already forgotten how good it is. In this salsa, it has a particularly important function. And by the way, this is totally keto-friendly!

We have also made this once without eggplant, and I think it was a bit bland without it.

This vegetable salsa should be prepared well before you start grilling anything else, because:

  1. the vegetables should be allowed to cool down in peace
  2. chopping and peeling takes a long time, and the most important thing:
  3. It should be allowed to taste in peace

The following amount is suitable for 4-5 people. A word of warning: This will get you hooked. We had rough carnivorous men at the table and they were about to have a fight about who gets the last spoonful from the bowl. I ended the argument by taking the bowl off the table and made a plate for my friend’s wife to take home. Who knows if the salsa ended up with the right owner, or if the guy ate the salsas in the car 😂

Another thing to note is that WE are big consumers of chili and garlic, and we ourselves put plenty of both here. I recommend starting with less and tasting.

You can add fresh crushed garlic OR grill a whole garlic and squeeze the ripe garlic into the salsa. The taste becomes more roasty and not so strong.

PS Also buy crème fraîche.

Ukkel thinks it must be on top of Salsa, I like it without, but try it, hey!


Preparation is quite simple, although grilling takes time.

Heat up the grill (a charcoal grill is best)
Place the vegetables on the grill and cook, turning occasionally, until cooked. You will notice, for example, that the skin “bubbles” a little when it comes off the vegetable flesh. The tomatoes will probably be ready first.

Peel and chop the cooled vegetables into small cubes and drain them in a colander. Remove the ‘meat’ from the chiles with a thin knife. You can add a little salt to the chopped vegetables already at this stage so they will absorb the liquid faster. You can start draining by pressing the vegetables against the hole with your palm.

Pour the drained ‘mössö’ into a bowl, and grate the garlic into it, if you didn’t use grilled garlic.

Drizzle in approx. 3 tablespoons of olive oil, black pepper to taste, and a little more salt.

Mix by hand; squeeze the vegetables in your fists into a mush.

Press the salsa evenly, cover with cling film and let it season in the fridge for at least an hour.

My tip, which a ukkeli might not sign, would be to add a hint of chopped coriander. In that case, it would go well with tacos or other Mexican-themed food.

Serve grilled vegetable salsa with meat or fish, as a side dish to burritos, tacos, why not a burger.

Could this be? grilled vegetable salsa found on your midsummer table?

Yes, we are already at the point of the year that May Day has been celebrated and it is time to wait for the next celebration again. Life is all about waiting 😂


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