When I recently shared my super simple Spiderman cake with you, I noticed how big our recipe collection of simple recipes for children’s birthday parties has actually become. You can easily find them by clicking on the children’s birthday party button in our recipe ideas by occasion. Today we show you 15 great ideas for children’s motto parties or birthdays that are guaranteed to be quick and easy to make and are still a nice eye-catcher on the birthday table.

15 simple recipe ideas for children’s birthday parties and theme parties – simple, uncomplicated recipes – can be implemented quickly

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Are you ready? Then let’s get started with our 15 recipe ideas for children’s birthday parties – and pssst, there’s an extra tip on top. A classic that I had for every birthday when I was a kid! I have linked all the recipes to the idea in the respective text. Feel free to pin a picture from this article to find the ideas again and again when a birthday is coming up!

Recipe idea 1 – Super easy dino muffins

The super simple dino muffins are super popular with you right now. No wonder, because they are quick to make and simply delicious. And the simple cupcake wrappers make them look good too.

Recipe idea 2 – Dino cake with watercolor letters and green sprinkles

Make your own Dino birthday cake for beginners with watercolor decoration and blueberry yoghurt flavor

This dinosaur birthday cake is one of my absolute favorite cake projects here on the blog because it turned out so beautiful. I especially love the watercolor letters!

Recipe idea 3 – Dino cake with an erupting volcano

Bake a simple dino birthday cake with a volcano

This dinosaur cake with an erupting volcano is also super easy to make. For this I simply used a Christmas tree baking pan and Candy Melts in orange and red!

Recipe idea 4 – Construction site cake with small vehicles and brownies

Bake a construction site cake for a child's birthday party from brownies

For these simple construction site brownies, I simply used a delicious brownie cake as the basis, along with chocolate candies, construction site vehicles and trees from my Christmas decoration fundus.

Recipe idea 5 – Bake Spiderman cake from brownies

Super Easy Spiderman Birthday Cake

Same recipe – completely different look! I used the brownies from the construction site cake again for a very simple Spiderman cake.

Recipe idea 6 – Make super simple unicorn muffins yourself

Bake super simple unicorn cupcakes for a child's birthday party

For the sweet unicorn muffins I used my favorite cream cheese muffins basic recipe and decorated them with white chocolate, colorful sprinkles and the unicorn wrappers.

Recipe idea 7- Bake a unicorn cake with a delicious filling step by step

Bake a unicorn cake for a child's birthday step by step

This unicorn cake is simply baked from a sponge base – the skillful cutting is then the whole secret!

Recipe idea 8 – Bake super easy and vegan magic wand cookies

Cookie Wands Carnival

Here, too, with the colorful magic wands, the decoration makes all the difference! You can also just prepare the cookies and then decorate the wands with the kids at the birthday party! That’s always great.

Recipe idea 9 – Decorate ice cream brownies on a stick

Birthday recipes brownies ice cream

The wands go well with these brownies on a stick, which you can also easily let the kids decorate at the party. All you need is as many different types of colorful sprinkles as possible.

Recipe idea 10 – Bake a rainbow cake with colorful bases

colorful rainbow cake

Maike shows you how easy it is to bake this rainbow cake.

Recipe idea 11 – Rainbow cake with Smarties

DIY rainbow christening cake and tricks for the christening buffet at home

You can basically use any recipe for this rainbow cake and then decorate it with Smarties and a watercolor rainbow.

Recipe idea 12 – make your own rainbow biscuits very easily

Bake rainbow cookies with step-by-step instructions

The rainbow cookies are easier to make than you think – I’ve baked them many times with my kids.

Recipe idea 13 – Nice Cream Buffet and fruit lollies for children’s birthday parties

Nicecream and fruit skewers

You can find a children’s birthday party with Nice Cream Bar (ice cream based on pureed fruit) and funny fruit lollipops here in Maike’s article.

Recipe idea 14 – Easily make colorfully decorated cookie sticks yourself

Cookiesticks recipe for children's birthday parties

These sweet cookie sticks are also quickly made from cookie dough.

Recipe idea 15 – vanilla cake Make gifts to hand out yourself

Cakes to share and give away

The simple vanilla cake becomes a small gift to give out with the self-made bows.

Recipe idea 16 – Bake Smarties birthday cakes – as an extra tip!

Smartie's cake

And since she accompanied me my whole childhood, there’s this idea for sweet Smarties cakes at the very end.

More ideas for children’s birthday parties

Of course you will find many more ideas for children’s birthday parties here on the blog. Below we have linked some nice ideas for you. Clicking on the picture will take you to the article.

First birthday gift ideas for second child Make your own DIY stacking tower for your first birthday - gift idea for toddlers Make 13 DIY Christmas gifts for children yourself

You can find beautiful decorations for children’s birthday parties here, for example: Birthday decorations.

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