Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you celebrating your first year as a couple or have you been in a relationship for 10 years and would like to give something very special as a gift for your anniversary? Then you’ve come to the right place with this article! I have summarized my favorite DIY anniversary gifts for him or her for you. You can easily do all the ideas yourself. These are special gift ideas with which you can give people special joy. You shouldn’t miss the ideas. They are not tacky and are sure to appeal to many people – whether women or men!

Have fun browsing and imitating!

Make anniversary gifts for him and her

Duplo gift: love messages as a Valentine's Day / anniversary gift with saying ideas

A personal gift idea for anyone with a sweet tooth are delicious Duplo chocolate bars. All you have to do is write special messages on a piece of paper, then stick them on the chocolate bars and give them to your loved ones on their anniversary.


Personalizable heart lamp with name

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365 Reasons Why I Love You: With Free Template

Love messages in a glass. With 100 sayings, I’ll help you fill the glass with my free template!

Valentine's cake / heart cake for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or birthday

What do I get my boyfriend for his first anniversary? A delicious heart cake for Valentine’s Day or anniversary is sure to make great friends. Because a heart cake comes from the heart – you don’t need any more words for this gift idea.

DIY chocolate with a love message for Valentine's Day or anniversary

These DIY chocolates are particularly suitable for anyone looking for a personal gift for a sweet tooth. Simply label a belly band with a saying that comes from the heart and you have a message of love for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

Photo gift: transfer photo to wood

Do you remember photos of your grandparents or great-grandparents that were always framed in round or oval mounts? You can easily make them yourself as a DIY gift idea for your relationship. Use a photo of your partner and it will definitely be well received as a very personal DIY idea.

What can you give women for their anniversary? A quick and really easy gift idea is these “Open me when…letters.” Not only are they very personal, but you can quickly make them yourself.

Heart cupcakes for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary...

Don’t they look so delicious, these heart cupcakes? They are suitable for Valentine’s Day as well as an anniversary or birthday. This is a gift idea that the recipient will surely appreciate.

100 date ideas for the (first) date {on Valentine's Day}

You want to go on many more dates with your favorite person, but you sometimes lack spontaneous creativity? Then the glass will help you as a gift idea. In the article I have also listed 100 date ideas for you, which will certainly help you as inspiration!

Make DIY photo cubes

For anyone who is not only looking for an unusual but also an unforgettable gift idea that also has a very personal touch, these photo cubes are ideal as an anniversary gift and you can easily make them yourself.

Make your own heart bath bomb

A relaxing bath after a stressful week – who doesn’t like that? With these heart bath bombs you are sure to suit the taste of everyone who loves romantic baths.

Merci gift: Personalize Merci chocolate with love messages

Chocolate makes you happy and personal messages of love make you even happier. This anniversary gift is intended for anyone who wants to surprise their loved one – whether on Valentine’s Day or a birthday or just in between.

Vegetarian Herz pizza

What can you give for your 1st anniversary? A vegetarian heart pizza is not only a delicious idea, but also a highlight for anyone who wants to surprise loved ones with unusual delicacies.

Cube puzzle

Anything special for your anniversary? For anyone who loves games, this cube puzzle is a brilliant gift idea to surprise your loved one.

It's easy to make your own kneading soap with just 3 ingredients

Kneading soap – don’t you know? Then it’s time for me to show you this brilliant anniversary gift. You only need 3 ingredients and someone you want to surprise.

Make your own heart chocolate and give it as a gift

If something from the heart is to be given as a gift, these heart chocolates to make yourself should of course not be missing as an anniversary gift. Not only do they look delicious, they also taste super chocolaty.

Make a heart leporello for an anniversary or Valentine's Day + template to download

Love messages in a heart leporello are not only a great anniversary gift. It also shows that you think about your partner and get creative to design the surprise so that everyone notices that it comes from the heart.

DIY photo lanterns as a gift idea

A photo lantern is not only a very beautiful, but also a very personal gift idea that is perfect not only for birthdays, but also for all other occasions where you would like to give something very personal as a gift

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