As soon as the Advent and Christmas season is around the corner, you can always use a little gift or a little souvenir, right? At least that’s how we feel and that’s why we have you today 55 gift ideas from the kitchen for Christmas and Advent compiled.

Over 55 gift ideas from the kitchen for Christmas and Advent – liqueurs, syrups, chocolates, spreads, chutneys, jams, snacks, nuts, salts and the like.

So that you can quickly find a suitable gift idea, we have divided all the recipes into categories. In this article you will find, for example, Liqueurs, sauces & syrups, chocolates, spreads, chutneys & jams, snacks & nuts, salts and biscuits etc.

And if you generally prefer crafting, then take a look at our article with 75 small DIY gifts. It’s actually about DIY ideas that are suitable for filling the Advent calendar, but these are also great as a small souvenir during Advent or at Christmas.

Gift ideas from the kitchen – liqueurs

Liqueurs are suitable as a small gift idea for Christmas because you can easily prepare them in large quantities and then have several bottles at home for spontaneous souvenirs. However, you should pay attention to how long the liqueur lasts and also how long it has to steep. The walnut liqueur, for example, has to be made in spring, but you can still make the toffee liqueur spontaneously. The Oreo liqueur must be consumed immediately and is not suitable for storage. You can find this information with every recipe.

Gift ideas from the kitchen – syrups & sauces

Make your own Christmas orange syrup - DIY gifts from the kitchen Make your own coffee caramel sauce - DIY gift idea from the kitchen

You can also prepare large quantities of syrups and sauces and divide them into small bottles to give as gifts. For example, syrup tastes great in delicious Christmas ice cream dessert creations. Here are our favorites.

Gift ideas from the kitchen – chocolates

Make your own nougat pralines with roasted almonds - DIY gift ideas from the kitchen - praline recipe Bright Chai Truffles - DIY last minute gifts from the kitchen - make simple chocolates yourself

When you think of chocolates, you quickly think of a lot of effort – but that doesn’t have to be true! We have collected a lot of simple praline recipes here on the blog that are also suitable for beginners and are great gifts!

Gift ideas from the kitchen – spreads, chutneys and jams

Chocolate cinnamon cream - last minute gift idea from the kitchen Tangerine-orange jam with Christmas spices and amaretto - make your own gifts from the kitchen Cranberry butter with cinnamon and speculoos - last minute DIY gifts from the kitchen - Christmas breakfast recipe idea

Now we come to the gifts from the kitchen in jars – and with them chutneys, jams, spreads and the like – a perfect souvenir for Christmas breakfast or Advent brunch.

Gift ideas from the kitchen – snacks, nuts and salts

Chocolate curds with almonds and pink pepper

Now comes our mixed category – with the long-running favorite here on the blog: chocolate nuts – which are always really well received, but also lots of salt or other snacks.

Gift ideas from the kitchen – cookies, stollen confectionery, etc.

Baking Stollen confectionery with cranberries - DIY gifts from the kitchen - Christmas baking recipe ideas Make your own burnt almond cookies - DIY gifts from the kitchen - small souvenirs

And right at the end we saved the classic souvenirs – the best cookies and biscuits to bring with you. From cantuccini to stollen confectionery.

And that’s it – over 55 recipes – maybe you’ve noticed that there have even been over 60 gift ideas from the kitchen. We are excited to see what you choose as a souvenir for Christmas and wish you a lot of fun giving it away!

Jutta & Mike

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