We’re continuing with our ideas for Advent calendar ideas and today we’re focusing on ideas for moms.

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Advent calendar ideas for moms

Are you looking for ideas for the Advent calendar that someone who needs a little more moments of relaxation, especially during Advent, forgets to drink enough during the day, is constantly being pulled by the hair by babies and always has cold feet? Here are our ideas for moms. Non-moms would definitely be happy about this selection too.

Do you need more ideas to fill the Advent calendar? Then take a look in the gift finder under the Advent calendar tag.

DIY Advent calendar filling – over 75 ideas for a DIY Advent calendar

We also have other gift collages and ideas for new moms on the blog. Think about things for the postpartum period or for the first time with the baby in everyday life.

Birth gifts for new moms

You will definitely get new inspiration when you think about hobbies. Is the person creative? Then she might be happy to receive new creative material for new projects.

Advent calendar gifts for creative people 2022

Take a look around our older collages. Maybe you’ll also find something or two for women here. If a gift is a little more expensive than the average budget, you can compensate with something small or self-righteous on another day. And also think in multiple packs that you can divide up over different days.

Advent calendar gifts for women 2021

But the men who are often the most difficult to give gifts are, right? Especially when it comes to little things. Here is our current collage for Advent calendar ideas for men.

Advent calendar gift ideas for men

Have fun filling it!


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