Good friends of Paulina Cocina! Spanish gastronomy gives us a lot of recipes and special ingredients. This is because the region has products that can be found anywhere in the world.

Los calcots They are an example. They are longer, more tender and sweeter than traditional onions and can be made in different ways. We choose the recipe baked calçots so that they can do it at home and feel like they are in Catalonia.

About calçots al horno

Calcots are served with a sauce known as “romesco sauce,” which is a mixture of almonds, hazelnuts, red peppers, garlic and olive oil, among other ingredients. Other dishes are also usually served such as grilled meat, botifarra (a traditional Catalan sausage), bread with tomato and other accompaniments.

How to eat calçots in a calcotada

Los “calcots” They are a variety of spring onions that are very popular in the region of Catalonia, Spain. They are especially known for being the basis of a culinary tradition called “calçotada”.

This celebration is typical of winter and early spring, generally between January and March, and consists of an outdoor meal where large quantities of food are cooked and consumed. calcots grilled.

The calçotada is a typical celebration of Catalonia that revolves around the preparation and consumption of calcots. The tradition involves roasting the calcots grill until well charred on the outside. The burnt outer layer is then removed to reveal the tender, edible part inside.

What does Calcots mean?

In Spanish, the “underpants” are simply called “calçots”. Although the same word is used in both languages, the pronunciation may vary due to the phonetic differences between Catalan and Spanish.

How to make calçots at home

Although the best known way to prepare them is by grilling them during a calçotada, it is also possible to make them at home using alternative methods such as baked calcots. In a typical calçotada, where a variety of dishes and accompaniments are enjoyed, a person can consume around 15 to 20 calçots.

Choose fresh underpants And good quality. They should have fresh green leaves and be free of damage or deterioration. Wash the calçots well to remove any dirt. Trim the roots and part of the green leaves if necessary. Leave enough green part to hold the calçots while you eat them.

Although tradition dictates that calçots are grilled, you can also consider other ways of cooking such as baking. If you decide to use the oven, wrap the underpants with aluminum foil. This will mimic the grilling effect of steaming them in the oven.

4 methods to warm our underpants

  1. Grilled: This is the traditional and best-known method for heating calçots. They are grilled directly on the grill, over an open flame or embers. The outer layer is burned, giving it a characteristic, smoky flavor. After roasting, the charred outer layer is removed and the tender interior is consumed.
  2. Oven with aluminum foil: You can wrap the calçots individually in aluminum foil and bake them at a high temperature. This will mimic the grilling process and steam the calçots. Then, you can peel them and enjoy them.
  3. Electric grill or plancha: If you don’t have access to an outdoor grill, you can use an electric grill or griddle to cook the calçots. This will allow you to obtain results similar to those of the traditional grill.
  4. Microwave: If you are looking for a faster option, cook the calçots in the microwave for a few minutes. However, keep in mind that this may change the texture and flavor compared to more traditional cooking methods.

About the perfect cooking of calçots

Los underpants They should be tender to the touch. You can check this by gently pressing one with your fingers. If you feel like the outside has softened and the onion inside is soft, that’s a good indication that they are cooked.

The calçots are ready when the outer layer has acquired a golden or slightly toasted color. This may vary depending on the cooking methodbut in general, the golden color is a sign that they have been cooked properly.

Once cooked, the charred outer layer should separate easily from the tender interior. If you find that the outer layer comes off relatively easily, it is a sign that the calçots are ready to be peeled and consumed.

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Calçots al horno recipe

Yield: 20 calcots

Preparation time: 1 hour


  • Fresh underpants
  • Olive oil
  • Sal

How to make baked calçots

  1. Wash the calçots well to remove the soil and trim the roots and part of the green leaves. Leave green part to hold the calçots while they are consumed.
  2. Wrap each calçot in aluminum foil and place them on a baking sheet.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 220° for 20-30 minutes, or until they are tender and the outer layer is golden brown.
  4. Once cooked, remove from the oven and discard the aluminum foil.
  5. Serve them on a plate with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.
how to make calçots in the oven


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