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About the lady

The ñora is a type of dried pepper widely used in Spanish gastronomy., especially in the regions of Murcia and Valencia. It is a variety of red pepper that is left to dry in the sun until its skin acquires a wrinkled texture and a dark color.

This pepper is known for its sweet and smoky flavor., which adds depth and complexity to numerous traditional dishes. In addition to their flavor, they are also valued for their ability to thicken sauces and give them a characteristic color and aroma.

  • It is a variety of red pepper that is grown and harvested before being subjected to a sun-drying process. During this process it wrinkles and its skin darkens, giving it a characteristic sweet and smoky flavor.

Once dried, they can be used in various culinary preparations. To do this, they are generally rehydrated by submerging them in hot water until they soften. Once rehydrated, the stem and seeds are removed, and the meat of the ñora, which is the edible part, is extracted.

This meat has a deep, smoky flavor, and is used to add flavor and color to a variety of dishes, such as sauces, stews, rice dishes, soups, and condiments.

Ñora and chorizo ​​pepper, are they the same?

In some regions of Spain, the ñora is known as “chorizo ​​pepper”. Although they are similar in appearance and use, the name may vary depending on the region.

These dried peppers have become an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine due to their ability to add flavor and complexity to culinary preparations, and are highly prized by chefs and amateur cooks alike.

7 uses of ñora meat in cooking

  1. Sauces: Rehydrated ñora meat is used to prepare aromatic and tasty sauces. It is a key ingredient in the famous romesco sauce, which is commonly served with fish, seafood and roasted vegetable dishes. It can also be incorporated into tomato sauces, pasta sauces and meat sauces to give them a smoky and spicy touch.
  2. Stews and casseroles: Rehydrated and chopped ñora is added to stews and stews to give them flavor and color. It is especially popular in meat and game dishes such as lamb stew or rabbit stew where it contributes to creating deep, rich flavors.
  3. Rice: In Spanish cuisine, it is used in the preparation of paellas and rice dishes. Adding minced ñora meat to the rice during cooking gives it a characteristic flavor and a reddish hue that is appreciated in dishes such as Valencian paella.
  4. Soups and broths: Rehydrated ñora meat can be incorporated into soups and broths to give them a smoky and aromatic touch. It is often used in fish and seafood soups, as well as meat broths.
  5. Dressings and condiments: It can also be ground or crushed to make a powdered seasoning that is used as a spice in various culinary preparations. This seasoning can be sprinkled on meats, fish, grilled vegetables or even pasta dishes to enhance their flavor.
  6. Marinades and dressings: Rehydrated ñora meat is often mixed with olive oil, garlic and other spices to create flavorful marinades and dressings for meats and fish before cooking.
  7. Preserves: In some regions, this ingredient is used to make preserves and jams, which can serve as accompaniments or condiments for various dishes.

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Recipes with ñora

Romesco sauce

Romesco sauce is a classic in Catalan cuisine and is used to accompany a variety of dishes, from fish to grilled vegetables. It is versatile and delicious, ideal to accompany grilled or roasted dishes, such as baked calçots.

To prepare it:

  1. First rehydrate a dried ñora in hot water.
  2. Then, mix the ñora meat with toasted almonds, garlic, roasted tomatoes, stale bread, olive oil and vinegar.
  3. Blend all the ingredients until you obtain a thick and tasty sauce.

Valencian Paella

Valencian paella is an emblematic dish of Spanish cuisine that can be prepared in many different ways. In its traditional version it includes rabbit meat, chicken, green beans, garrofón and saffron, but it also has ñora to give it flavor and color.

To prepare it:

  1. Before adding the rice, the meat and vegetables are browned in olive oil with the rehydrated and chopped ñora to infuse the entire dish with its characteristic flavor.
  2. Then add the rice and broth to simmer until the rice is tender and absorbs the flavors.


Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup originally from Andalusia, Spain. A rehydrated dried ñora is used for additional flavor and a smoky touch.

To prepare it:

  1. In a blender, mix the ñora meat with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic, onion, olive oil, sherry vinegar and soaked stale bread.
  2. Then, refrigerate the mixture for a few hours before serving.
how to cook with ñora

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