Hello partners and partners! Today, in Paulina Cocina, we are going to know a very traditional Colombian dish. In the delicious world of gastronomy of the coffee country, the cheese nickname It carries the flag of being an authentic culinary gem of the coast. A dish that combines very local ingredients, to offer a unique flavor experience.

On this occasion we are going to discover the fascinating universe of mote ñame, exploring its history, its presence in coastal culture, and the best secrets to prepare a good cheese nickname recipe that they can enjoy in their homes, wherever they are.

About the cheese nickname

He cheese nickname It is a soup that captures the very essence of Colombian coastal cuisine, like ajiaco. This dish is also known as mote ñame since its main ingredient is yam.

This tuber rich in starch, very typical in the region, provides a soft and comforting texture to the soup, while the cheese adds a note of intensity that perfectly complements the mixture.

The nickname of coastal cheese has become a signature dish, appreciated for its simplicity and richness of flavors. It is not just a soup, it is a tribute to the local ingredients that Mother Earth generously provides to the coastal region.

Birth of the cheese nickname

The cheese nickname has a history that dates back to past generations. It emerged as an ingenious response to the availability of local ingredients. On the one hand the namea tuber that came to Colombian lands from Africa, which thanks to its abundance became a very common ingredient in different recipes in the region.

The specific origin has no historical record identifying individual creators, but One theory says that this dish was created as a necessity, during the Thousand Day War, at the beginning of the 20th century.. Initially the original recipe only contained yamsand later the salty cheese was incorporated, to give it more flavor and body.

The coastal cheese nickname

The cheese nickname, with its combination of yam, costeño cheese, garlic, onion, whey and a few drops of lemon, is a celebration of the diversity of the Colombian coast in every bite. This recipe is a culinary ritual enjoyed on various occasions.

Its name varies in different regions of Colombia, being also known as yam mote or mote soup. This linguistic diversity reflects the cultural richness of the country, where each region contributes its distinctive touch.

Mote soup traditions

Mote soup has become an essential dish on the Colombian table, present at celebrations and special occasions. Its versatility makes it Perfect for family enjoyment or sharing with friends. Either as starter at a formal meal or as a main course at a relaxed dinner, The cheese nickname always finds its place on the Colombian table.

6 secrets for a perfect mote soup

  1. Ingredient selection: Opt for fresh, sprout-free yams and a firm, salty cheese to ensure an authentic flavor.
  2. Cooking time: Cook the yam until it is tender but not crumbly, to maintain its texture.
  3. Lemon touch: A few drops of lemon add an essential refreshing touch.
  4. Cheese variety: Experiment with different types of salty cheeses to customize the flavor. If you can’t find salty cheese, you can replace it with a hard cheese like Parmesan or Sardinian, which softens but doesn’t melt in the soup.
  5. Serum replacement: You can replace the whey or sour cream with a traditional cream.
  6. Accompaniment: Mote de queso is usually served with white rice, to complement the flavors.

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Cheese nickname recipe:

Yield: 6 servings

Preparation: 1 hour

Ingredients for the mote soup recipe

  • 1 kg fresh yam
  • 250 gr salty cheese
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 cup whey (sour cream)
  • 1 lemons
  • Agua
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to make coastal cheese mote

  1. Peel the yam and cut it into medium pieces. In a large pot, add enough water to cover the yam and bring to a boil. Cook over medium-high heat for about 40 minutes or until tender. Drain and reserve.
  2. In a frying pan over medium heat, add a little oil and sauté the minced garlic and finely chopped onion until golden.
  3. Add the garlic and onion to the pot with the yam. Stir lightly and let cook for around 15/20 minutes.
  4. Add the salted cheese cut into pieces and stir a little to integrate the flavors.
  5. Add the whey (sour cream) and lemon juice to the mixture.
  6. Cook all the ingredients over low heat for 10 more minutes. Season and enjoy hot.
how to make cheese mote

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