Today we have a lot of tips on the topic Crafts for Easter with children in your luggage – with more than 20 creative craft ideas to imitate. In addition to all the simple ideas and tips for small children, we also have a few ideas that are also fun for older children or teenagers.

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Crafting for Easter with children – over 20 creative Easter craft ideas for children and teenagers

Today we’ll show you the most beautiful ideas for Easter crafts with children – from classic ideas such as Easter cards, to Easter crafts with wood and ideas for teenagers, everything is included! We have also put together many simple craft sets for you with no preparation time for crafting with small children. Let’s go! This time we have sorted the ideas in the collage thematically for you.

Crafts for Easter with children – making Easter cards

A classic that actually works with children of all ages: making Easter cards! Done quickly, with little effort and you get a nice Easter souvenir or gift. We have linked some nice basic material for you here, which you can find in the collage in the middle on the left.

Crafts for Easter with older children and teenagers

Finding Easter craft ideas for older children or teenagers is sometimes not that easy. We’ve put together a few ideas that also include projects that require longer periods of concentration.

Embroider Easter pictures – At Easter there are sweet embroidery patterns that even older children can enjoy – for example the bunny picture (by ricodesign) in our collage at the bottom left.

Pour Easter decorations – I also prefer to implement all ideas about “pouring decorations” with slightly older children. Raysin is great for Easter decorations because it hardens super quickly. We have linked a few favorites here.

Sewing bunnies – If your children like to sew, then this cute little bunny from Bonpatterns might also be an idea. You can find it in the collage at the bottom center and there are also tips for simple linen clothing. A simple DIY bunny backpack is a little easier to sew. We have the instructions for you here for free on the blog.

Easter egg pendant felting – At Berginandbath you will find a great DIY set for the beautiful felt pendants, which you can see in the collage in the top right corner.

DipDye candles – an absolute trend for years and beautiful and colorful as a spring and Easter decoration. Here you can find our instructions for dipped candles on the blog. You can find a set to try out at WolkenreichShop, for example.

In this article we share 12 DIY Easter decoration craft ideas with you that you can easily make with older children.

Tip: Simple ready-made Easter craft sets for toddlers and children

Our favorite tip: You can save yourself a lot of time and stress with ready-made craft sets for small children. You can pull these out every now and then and you don’t need a long preparation time. Here are a few nice ideas:

Alternative to Easter baskets – make Easter bags with textile paint

This idea works for big and small children: painting textiles with textile paint. You can see material for this in the collage at the bottom right. For example, jute bags work as an alternative to Easter baskets or pencil cases. You can also use neon colors for this. Big children can paint Easter motifs and small children can simply paint colorfully and then an Easter iron-on picture is added on top.

Making Easter bunnies – crafts for Easter with children – bunnies using napkin technique

For example, you can easily make a beautiful Easter bunny using paper mache bunnies and the napkin technique. You can see the required material in the collage at the top right and also linked here:

Make fillable Easter eggs with children – a sweet gift idea for Easter

A super nice gift idea for Easter is a fillable Easter egg for small things. You can use the same technique as for the bunnies with napkin technique and these base eggs to open up.

Crafts for Easter with children – Easter craft ideas with wood

There are also lots of beautiful, simple craft sets and ideas made from wood. Here we have put together a few for you:

Even more ideas about Easter – Easter brunch and Easter crafts

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In the past few days, more articles on the subject of Easter have been online here. Here you will find a small selection.

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