Today I have a quick last minute DIY gift idea for you: Christmas soaps! They are really quick to make and a nice souvenir for the Christmas season.

Christmas soaps – last minute DIY gift idea – small souvenir for Christmas

In my guest bathroom, a little snowman, a snowflake, a gingerbread man, etc. are currently waiting for the guests to wash their hands, because I made little DIY Christmas soaps myself. I simply used a soap base and a silicone mold and a beautiful scent mixture with cedar, which is a bit reminiscent of a Christmas forest. Here are the instructions for you.

Material – This is what you need for the Christmas soaps

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  • Christmas silicone mold (I bought a set with two molds – so I can use one for food and one for cosmetics or casting powder. Unfortunately the mold is currently not online, so I have linked an alternative).
  • Soap base with shea butter
  • Soap dye (I used green)
  • Fragrance oils (patchouli, bergamot, cedar)
  • Also for production: bowl, pot, water, wooden skewer

This is how it’s done – pouring DIY Christmas soaps

Step 1 – Melt soap base

With a soap base, making Christmas soaps is really easy. Cut the soap mixture into small cubes with a knife and then slowly melt it in a water bath. Alternatively, this can also be done in the microwave.

Step 2 – Add Color and Fragrance

When everything has melted, stir in the soap coloring and fragrance oils. I chose a very light, light green color. You can simply dose the soap little by little until you reach the desired color. I also opted for a subtle scent for the fragrance and used a total of around 15 drops of fragrance oil. The cedar had the smallest share.

Step 3 – Pour into the molds and allow to harden

Then pour the soap into the molds. Tap the mold lightly so that everything is distributed well. If you see air bubbles at the top, you can remove them with the wooden skewer. Let the soap harden well before taking it out of the mold. You can simply melt down any leftovers again.

I gave the soap away in little cellophane bags.

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