Do you want to give your children, nieces and nephews something homemade? Here are our most beautiful DIY gifts for children.

DIY gift ideas for children

I love making little things myself for the children. Making gifts for kids yourself is not only a great activity, you will also be rewarded twice when you later see how much fun the gifts bring while playing. In addition, you often save a lot of money with homemade gifts, as toys have become much more expensive in recent years. Homemade items can also have great added value in terms of quality and can, for example, replace plastic with high-quality materials. Whether you’re building dollhouses, making salt dough donuts, or sewing something, do whatever you enjoy most. Here is our selection.

Donuts and cookies made from salt dough

A great gift for children who like to shop or play cooking.

Wooden popsicles

Toy ice cream DIY

One of my most beautiful projects of the last few years, in my opinion. The children still play with it.

Goose Gerda heat pad

Sewing goose Gerda warm cuddly toy for children - gift idea for a birth

Our most popular sewing instructions are this heat pad. Super cute and practical at the same time.

Crocodile Kordula bed snake

Sewing crocodile cordula bed snake for children

For the children who sometimes bump their heads on the bed at night and are not afraid of crocodile snakes.

DIY suncatcher

DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads made of polymer clay. Gift idea

Super simple idea and a really big effect. For children who love rainbows.

IKEA Hack Play Kitchen Makeover

Ikeahack play kitchen

Anyone who has time for a kitchen renovation. This project is definitely worth it. It’s great fun and you can really let off steam here.

DIY dollhouse in a suitcase

Suitcase dollhouse bakery

No matter who gets to move in here and whether it will be a bakery or a holiday home for their favorite dolls or animals, it will definitely be a big surprise.

DIY Bauklötze Set

DIY building blocks set with names - gift idea for a birth

A few customized building blocks also add some color to the play shelf. A nice gift for a 1st birthday or a birth.

Letter bracelet

Make your own DIY letter bracelet for children and knot it securely

Beautiful bracelets with names and beads for little jewelry lovers.

DIY hair clips with pompoms

Make your own DIY hair clips

A sweet gift idea as a little extra.


Ring box storage jewelry box for children's rings

Help the children clean up their jewelry collection with a self-made jewelry box or ring box. It can also be a functional gift.

If you’re looking for more gift inspiration, take a look at the DIY Finder by occasion.

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