DIY lamp / lantern made from paper plates

You showed me with lots of photos and your feedback that lanterns are not only great at St. Martin’s, but can also be used as decorative lights or night lights for children’s rooms. That’s why I made a new lamp here, namely a lion with a cute lion cub that you can even take out 😉 If you want the lamp for the baby’s room or as a gift for a birth, then you can also put cute stars with the name and birth dates of the child Attach babies. There is another ready-made print template for you in two different plate sizes, which you can find in the material list.

Material list:

  • Lion lamp print file (for 23 and 19 cm size): CLICK
  • OR here are all my previous lanterns in a complete set: CLICK
  • Kraft paper: CLICK
  • Natural cardboard soup plate 19-20 cm: CLICK
  • alternatively flatter plates, 19 cm: CLICK
  • or classic paper plates 23 cm in brown: CLICK
  • LED cork light: CLICK and if necessary, additional LED light
  • line
  • black marker pen
  • yellow and orange acrylic paint and colored pencils
  • pointed scissors or craft knife
  • Glue stick and hot glue

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The DIY lion lamp is finished – I’m excited to see what you’ll use it for. Feel free to send me your results via Instagram, where I often share them. By the way, I have more lantern ideas for you here, for example my new dinosaur lantern: CLICK or more: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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