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It’s September 1st – and that continues with the #DIYYearChallenge, which I’m organizing together with Laura from trytrytry! Today the theme is “Beginning of Autumn”. Today is the meteoric start of autumn and you can get in the mood straight away with DIY.

Our partner this month is COMPO. COMPO has a large range for plant and garden fans: For our challenge topic “Beginning of Autumn” we received potting soil and plant fertilizer from our partner. Of course I implemented a creative idea with plants.

On our topic “beginning of autumn” I have Pumpkin plant pots made from modeling clay crafted. You often see hollowed out pumpkins that serve as plant pots. Unfortunately, they don’t last that long, sometimes not even the entire fall. My pumpkin plant pots made from modeling clay will definitely last next fall. And the next. Promised!

Throughout the year I get creative with Laura from trytrytry on a given topic and you can vote on Instagram to see who implemented the topic better. We always show our results on the respective topic on the 1st of the month.

Laura has also implemented the topic of “beginning of autumn” around the topic of “plants”, take a look.


COMPO has a large selection of all kinds of potting soil and fertilizers. I chose the eco variants. For my DIY idea I used Compo Öko Balance potting soil. The great thing about it: The soil is made entirely from residues from wood, compost and agriculture and is recycled. I also use a fertilizer from the Öko Balance range. It also consists of 100% upcycled raw materials. Both the fertilizer and the soil are organic and vegan.


Every month Laura from trytrytry and Lisa from meinfeenstaub take on a new DIY challenge on a given topic. Our monthly sponsor sends us the same material – and everyone comes up with a DIY idea using the same material – the community then votes on who wins and who implemented the topic better! Every month you can win the DIY pack we got creative with by voting on Instagram for who wins.

We love the concept and hope you enjoy it just as much! We find it so exciting how differently a topic can be interpreted – and what you can get out of the same material.

Here you can see what we have come up with this month about the beginning of autumn with our partner COMPO – be sure to check out Laura too!

Make DIY pumpkin plant pots from modeling clay

  • a block of air-drying modeling clay
  • a knife
  • a small plant pot
  • Planting soil (here: COMPO Öko Balance planting soil)
  • sandpaper
  • Optional: varnish or paint for painting/spraying

1. In the first step, form a large ball out of the modeling clay. Make sure your plant pot fits well in the middle. Adjust the size of the ball accordingly. Flatten the ball a little so that it is not completely round, but rather has a flat shape – like a pumpkin.

2. Now use the knife to cut out a notch in the middle into which the plant pot fits easily.

3. Now place the plant pot in the notch in the middle.

4. Press the modeling clay onto the plant pot so that the edges line up with it.

5. Now take your knife and cut notches all around your pumpkin.

6. Prepare a bowl of water and wet your hands a little. Now make the indentations nice and smooth with your fingers. This is easier with a little water, so the transitions become smoother.

Once you’re happy, let the pumpkin dry overnight. Air-drying modeling clay takes approx. 24 hours to dry completely.

Once your pumpkin is really dry, grab your sandpaper and sand the pumpkin nice and smooth. Remove the sanding dust.

If you want, you can now paint or spray your pumpkin. I decided on gold spray because I think it looks really classy! Then let the paint dry thoroughly.

The next step is to plant the plant pot. This is where COMPO Eco Balance plant soil is used. It is important that you ensure good drainage in the pumpkin plant pots, for example with a layer of expanded clay, to avoid waterlogging.

To ensure that your plants stay beautiful and get enough nutrients, you should also use a fertilizer. I use COMPO Öko Balance plant fertilizer. This is simply added to the irrigation water according to the dosage instructions so that it is distributed evenly in the soil.

It looks best if you make several DIY pumpkin plant pots out of modeling clay and arrange them together. I really like the elegant look and am happy that the pumpkin plant pots will last the whole fall this time because they are made of modeling clay – and just look like pumpkins.

By the way: The #DIYYearChallenge goes into the next round on October 1st. The theme in October is “Natural Materials” and Laura and I will be creative again with the same material. You can be excited!

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