Christmas tree made of banknotes as a Christmas card

I have once again come up with a new gift of money: So that the same thing isn’t always under the tree, I came up with an interactive card with a money Christmas tree: when the recipient pulls on it, your Christmas message will gradually open up 😉 So that you can easily recreate this gift of money for Christmas, I have created a ready-made print file for you, which you can find here in the materials list.

Material list:

  • Money gift Christmas tree print file: CLICK
  • or here in the card set with further templates: CLICK
  • Kraft paper 230 g: CLICK
  • or kraft paper with grain 230 g: CLICK
  • three banknotes
  • golden Sharpie
  • black fineliner
  • craft knife
  • Lineal
  • Glue stick
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

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Here’s the link Step-by-Step-Video: CLICK

The very special card is ready as a money gift for Christmas. Feel free to send me your results via Instagram, where I often share them. By the way, here you will find a collection of my most beautiful DIY Christmas cards: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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