You’re having high tea? Then don’t forget the typical English sandwiches on your cake stand.

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English High-Tea Sandwich Recipes

For Coronation High Tea last weekend, I tried three delicious sandwich recipes. Of course you can live it up as you please. But to make it a little more “English”, you should definitely think through the choice of bread carefully and then cut the whole thing into nice pieces so that there is no crust.

These are our favorite sandwich recipes

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Sandwich Recipes English Tea High Tea

Cucumber sandwich, egg curry sandwich and tomato with herb butter and lettuce.

Sandwichrezepte High-Tea

Other classics would be something with chicken fillet, salmon or a combination of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

Tea party recipes sandwiches

You can also bake scones to go with the sandwiches and surprise your friends with a stylish invitation. If you are still looking for a suitable creative activity, you should take a look at our DIY English Vintage Straw Hats article.

But back to the recipes.

Ingredients for the tea sandwiches

tomato sandwich

  • Herb butter
  • Tomato
  • fresh salad

cucumber sandwich

  • Cucumber
  • lemon juice
  • herbal cream cheese
  • fresh herbs

Egg sandwich

  • Owner
  • Mayonnaise
  • yogurt
  • sweet mustard
  • chives
  • curry powder

This is how you prepare the sandwiches

Choosing the right bread for the sandwich is super important. The white bread should be nice and soft, not too hard and a little juicy. White toast bread is actually a bit too thin and tasteless as a substitute. In the Netherlands, 1-day-old casino bread was recommended to me. It should be 1 day old so that it is easier to lubricate and not so super soft anymore.
Traditionally, you then stuff one side, top it with another slice slathered with butter, and then carefully cut off the crusts and slice diagonally with a knife. A bread knife should be used for this and be careful not to squeeze the bread too much when cutting. However, we also tested first cutting and then covering and were satisfied with the results.

As a variant for the triangular shape, you can also cut rectangles or cut circles out of the bread with a garnish ring.

tomato sandwich

English sandwich ideas

We spread the bread with herb butter first. You can also make them yourself from salted butter and fresh herbs. Let the butter soften and beat it with the mixer until creamy and add the herbs.

Top the sandwich with tomatoes, fresh herbs and a lettuce leaf.
Cheese could also be combined here.

cucumber sandwich

English sandwiches

Cut the cucumbers into thin slices. Squirt some lemon juice over them and place them on kitchen paper to dry them out a bit and not make the bread too soggy.

Smear the bread with herb cream cheese. You can also make it yourself. Mix fresh herbs into a cream cheese.

Owner-Curry Sandwich

Curry Egg Sandwich High Tea

Hard boil two eggs for about 8 minutes and deter them. Crush the eggs with a fork. However, they should not be mashed, but simply chopped into small pieces.

Mix two tablespoons of mayo with one tablespoon of yogurt, one teaspoon of mustard, and some curry powder and spread it in half. Then place the egg on top and cover the sandwich with the top half.

Arrange everything nicely on a plate or cake stand. Here we show you how you can build a cake stand out of old crockery: Building a cake stand.

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