Every year I look forward to the finalists of the Etsy Design Awards because there are so many new trends and ideas to discover. Like last year, I put my favorites together in a collage. Would you like to browse a bit?

The Etsy Design Awards 2023 Creative Fever Favorites

By the way, you can see an overview of all around 150 nominees for the Design Awards here. You will find new and innovative ideas in many categories, from accessories to home decoration, fashion, lighting, food & kitchen, art, jewellery, decoration, weddings, gifts and children. I have collected my favorites for you in this collage. You can find them here from top to bottom:

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  • Let’s start with a design from the lighting category. The beautiful wooden hanging light comes from MorganeBebeniste.
  • Right below you can see the TILT lamp (via EdHeritageStudio), which can be turned on and off by tilting it.
  • The print Stunning Jellyfish is from CalliopeSamuse.
  • The Ocean Treasure Ring by Bernsteinerie goes well with this.
  • The large ceramic bowl is something very special because you can have it personalized with your favorite family recipe at MarieMartinsCeramics. This makes it a super nice gift, for example for a wedding.
  • You will also find a starry sky cake topper from lightpaper that can also be personalized.
  • The small box made of marble and wood comes from BussiereBoutique.
  • You can get the cups with the Nerikomi technique at LydiaKardosStudio.
  • You can find the top embroidered with flowers from the wedding category at Jordanderuiter.
  • Among them you will also find the matching wedding invitations with flowers from VeevPaperCo.
  • On the left side of the collage you can also see a personal wedding gift: the individual papercut from Paperhugger.
  • You can find the colorful statement dress at SignedbyDahliah.
  • On the right side you can see beautiful cups from LiuYingCeramics.
  • The wooden decorative wreath is from the Christmas category, but I can imagine it as a decoration all year round from AnnaWiscombe.

My favorites from the children’s category didn’t even make it into the collage – but I think this Triceratops head to hang up and the ABC poster are great, for example. I might make another collage on the topic of school enrollment soon.

I have put together all the items for you as a collection directly on Etsy. You can find them here: Etsy Design Awards Collection 2023.

Maybe there was something for you too? I am definitely already looking forward to the announcement of the winners.


Maybe interesting too. . .:


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