“What do I wear, what do I wear so that people can see me clearly?” It’s slowly getting dark longer in the morning and Rolf Zuckowski starts humming his classic in my head as soon as we get on our bikes. We’re already well equipped with high-visibility vests, but I’m still looking for a few nice reflector stickers for the bike. I discovered a few other things and put together a little collage with bike-related gifts for you.

Gift ideas for everything to do with bicycles – reflector stickers, posters, spoke lights and the like.

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I’ve sorted all the ideas from top to bottom so that you can find them easier!

  • At REFELECTIVEBERLIN I found spoke stickers that immediately make you more visible and also look super cool.
  • You can find the simple shirt next to it with the bicycle embroidery at Fantastixx.
  • On the bike helmet you can see the reflective stickers from halfbird on the theme of space, which I think are great for children – they come in a lot of different designs. My kids were allowed to paint their helmets themselves with these pens (instructions here: DIY Bicycle Helmet Makeover) and then stick these stickers on them. Of course, the stickers from halfbird look good from the front in the light and dark.
  • You can find the retro bicycle poster at mabudi Poster.
  • The bike bag with roll top and leaves on top is from IKURI, and the bottom half continues with the black bike bag from pandopando.
  • You can find the apricot-colored handlebar bag at MussettesEtCompagnie.
  • Next to it you can see the 3D wooden bicycle wall pictures from WoodFriendsDe.
  • Ride bikes, be happy, the poster is available at Trailmaps.
  • I discovered the reflective Leo stickers for bikes at jabalou, where they also have a dinosaur version for kids.
  • At KruthDesign you will find a simple bicycle hanger picture in many colors.
  • And finally the funny Lego valve caps from BretterShop.

Those were all our bike gift ideas – maybe there is something for you too! Otherwise, we have another tip for you to continue browsing – our gift collections on Etsy. You can find an overview of all of them using the button.

Etsy Gifts Collections

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