For all Harry Potter fans, or rather those who want to give gifts, we have created a special Harry Potter gift idea collection today.

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Gift ideas for HARRY Harry Potter fans

Harry Potter is already part of the Christmas season for us. There are now so many ideas and things with which you can bring some magical flair into your home that you can sometimes lose track of official and unofficial products. You can find a lot of great gift ideas on Etsy alone. Here is our overview.

Harry Potter books – gift ideas

Maybe the person will already have the books, but you can have your favorite book twice, especially if the new one is a very special edition. The first three books are now also available in German, redesigned by the Design Studio MinaLima. With fold-out pages and really nice illustrations.

Take a look here on Amazon.

Harry Potter Band 1,

Harry Potter Band 2,

Harry Potter Band 3

Here are a few more nice Harry Potter gift ideas:

Harry Potter Bertie Botts beans various flavors Jelly Belly

Magic wand pen and ballpoint pen

Chocolate frog and trading card

For packaging: the gift box as a suitcase

By the way, you can also find floating candles on Etsy.

You can find more DIY ideas for your Harry Potter party on the blog here.

Harry Potter Party Ideen

Have fun giving away.


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