And what do I actually give my partner, brother, father, brother-in-law, etc.? We have put together inspiration for you again this year.

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Gifts for men – gadgets, accessories and mini bar

Giving gifts to men can sometimes be a real challenge. Especially if hobbies or interests are so specific that it is difficult to find the right taste, or the person simply already has everything and of course does not express any desires.

Is that familiar to you? Don’t panic, with these ideas and our collages, you might still come up with the perfect gift:

When you start looking for ideas, the best thing to do is to first go through a few categories. Is it a Foodie? First look for something along the lines of special cooking experience, cookbooks, kitchen appliances or special spirits, such as whiskey or gin…

Is he more of a Sport- und Outdoorfanthen take a look around for practical and functional loop scarves, rainproof clothing or cycling accessories.

He’s wearing one Bart? How about a grooming kit, beard oil or a leather toiletry bag?

Order is always a good topic too. Think about where his weak points are and then look for nice storage items for his gadgets or the desk.

Of course you can also Clothing look or personalized accessories.

And if he Kinder you can also include the little ones’ arts with personalized keychains etc.

Also Bags can be a great idea. A messenger bag or new backpack perhaps?

Gifts for men

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Here you can find our “Gifts for Men Collection” on Etsy.

And one last gift idea: it could also be a good book or a radio play subscription for long car journeys or quiet winter days. At Amazon you can give away Audible subscriptions starting at around 9.95 euros per month.

Have fun giving as gifts!


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