It’s been a while since I posted my baby wish list for the 2nd, so it’s high time for a recent update with new products.

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Second baby gifts

Because we keep asking ourselves what we should give the second or third baby of our friends and acquaintances for the birth? In case of doubt, it is then also a second boy or second girl, so that the parents usually have enough clothes in the house.

Of course you can also just ask if anything is missing. Some things just break or are used up after child number 1.

Another good gifting strategy is personalized gifts. Then the gift is unique and the parents are guaranteed not to have it yet. In our case, our second daughter definitely has fewer “own” toys and clothes. That’s why the second child might be happy later when they have one or the other object with their name on it and they know that this is definitely “mine”. That’s how my two-year-old feels, at least right now. Reason enough, then, to spoil child 2 once more.

We hope our Etsy finds will help you choose a gift:

Second baby gifts

NEW: We now also have an Etsy page where we curate gift items: just browse around here:

Personalized birth gifts

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