Hello dear ones! Today at Paulina Cocina we are going to talk about a very typical vegetable in the Halloween decoration: the pumpkin. Why do I say that we are going to talk about her? Because in addition to learning the reason for its use and how to do it, we are going to see rich pumpkin recipesand all the tricks to cook with this vegetable and not waste anything.

Surely they saw the Halloween pumpkin in countless movies or as a decoration for that particular holiday. Although it is strongly associated with the United States, its origin is a bit different.

The design of the Halloween pumpkin It does not always have to be the typical face, in fact there are several options that depend on our ability and imagination, but we will see that there are standardized designs because, of course, everything has its meaning.

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What is the origin of the Halloween pumpkin?

He origin of the pumpkin Halloween is an old Irish legend that Jack, a cunning and selfish man, tricked the devil. When he died he was not allowed to enter heaven or hell. The devil threw a piece of burning coal at him so he could find his way in the dark, and Jack placed it in a carved turnip to use as a lantern.

Since then, Jack’s spirit has roamed the land with his lantern, and the carved turnips became protection symbols against evil spirits. With the arrival of Irish immigrants to North America, they discovered that pumpkins were more abundant and easier to carve, so they began to use them instead of turnips.

5 curiosities about the Halloween pumpkin

  1. The “Pumpkin Festival” EXISTS: It is an event that is repeated every year in the United States, Circleville, Ohio. One of the pumpkin fests largest in the world, with parades, carving contests, pumpkin races and other related activities.
  2. According to the Guinness Book of Recordsthe largest pumpkin ever recorded was grown in Belgium in 2016. It weighed a staggering 1,190.49 kg (2,624.6 lbs).
  3. On October 31, the “National Pumpkin Carving Day” is celebrated. in some countries (National Carve to Pumpkin Day). It is an occasion for people to have fun carving pumpkins and share their creations on social media.
  4. Although the most common Halloween pumpkin is the round, orange variety, there are many varieties of pumpkins that can be used to decorate. Some have elongated shapes, warts, or unusual colors, like white squash or blue squash.
  5. In some parts of the world, such as the United States and Canada, pumpkin toss competitions are held, where participants launch pumpkins with catapults or compressed air cannons. The goal is to throw the pumpkin as far as possible.

What is the name of the pumpkin used for Halloween? What other designs are there?

The pumpkin used for Halloween is commonly known as “Jack-o’-lantern” o “the lanterns they Jack“. It is a carved pumpkin with a creepy face with triangular eyes, a triangular nose, and a jagged mouth. A candle or light is placed inside. There are also other designs:

  • Black cat: Carve the silhouette of a black cat with sparkling eyes and a mischievous smile.
  • Ghost: Carving the shape of a ghost with a scared face and a floating sheet around it.
  • Spider: Carve a big spider with long and creepy legs.
  • Skull: Carving a skull with an open jaw and sharp teeth.
  • spooky tree: Carve the silhouette of a twisted and dark tree, with uneven branches.
  • zombie captive: Carve a zombie face with sunken eyes and stitched mouth.
  • Bat: Carving a bat with outstretched wings and menacing eyes.
  • evil pumpkin: Carve a pumpkin with a devilish grin and twisted horns.
  • graveyard scene: Carving a scene of a cemetery with tombstones, crosses and a full moon in the background.

How to make a Halloween pumpkin

  1. Find a large, round pumpkin. Make sure it has a strong stem and is in good condition. Cover your work surface with newspaper or plastic wrap for easy cleanup afterward, since carving the pumpkin can be a bit messy.
  2. With a sharp knifecut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin to make the cap. Make an inward angled cut to prevent the lid from falling in. Scoop out the seeds and pulp of the pumpkin with a large spoon or specialized pumpkin tool. Clean the interior well so that it is smooth.
  3. Design the pattern. Mark the design on the pumpkin with a soft pencil or marker. The more intricate the design, the more difficult it will be to carve. With a sharp knife or specialized carving tool, follow the marked lines to carve the design into the gourd.
  4. Once you have finished carvingPlace a votive candle inside the gourd. A Halloween LED light can also be used for added safety. Put the pumpkin lid back in place and tighten firmly.
pumpkin recipe

Recommended recipes to use the leftover filling of the Halloween pumpkin

The best thing they can do with this delicious filling is soup! You have three unmissable and powerful recipes for Pumpkin Soupsa Pumpkin and Ginger Soup Light! to eat lightly, a classic of Spanish cuisine such as Pumpkin cream and a recipe that will surprise you like the one of Pumpkin and Coconut Cream Soup.

Continuing with the theme of taking advantage of a more well-made filling, they can be perfectly made. Pumpkin gnocchi y Flourless tart, with pumpkin base.

Ah but you guys maybe wanted something sweet. Well they can do a Pumpkin Pudding super easy and some Pumpkin Fritters which are scrumptious. Look how many options to decorate and also delight everyone’s palate on Halloween!

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