Today we have a small, healthy snack idea for kids that is great for using up leftover vegetables from the day before. A kind of children’s omelet in the form of a muffin.

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Healthy snacks for kids – egg muffins

You don’t need many ingredients for the egg muffins. You still have most of it at home anyway. So perfect for the moment when you haven’t been shopping yet and the craving for food starts in the afternoon. Incidentally, the whole thing also works without sugar.

Ingredients for the healthy egg muffins

  • Vegetables like:
    Tomatoes, peppers, corn, leeks, courgettes, mushrooms or whatever the kids like.
  • 4 Owner
  • Fat for the baking sheet
  • Muffin baking sheet or Silicone muffin form
  • 1 tbsp (plant-based) milk
  • salt and pepper

This is how you prepare the egg muffins

Beat together four eggs with a tablespoon of milk and season lightly with salt and pepper. Grease the baking sheet and place the vegetables in the dish. Then you pour the eggs over it. Bake the whole thing in the oven at 189 °C for about 20 minutes until golden brown. And already the egg muffins ready. You can also freeze them and save them for later.

Muffin-shaped children’s snacks are practical because they look much more appealing. The sugar-free banana oatmeal bars are also nice for children’s hands.

Sugar-free baby bars with banana and oatmeal

By the way, we also have other really hearty muffin recipes on the blog. Try the pizza muffins.

Pizza Muffins

By the way, our picnic ideas are also great. Take a look at the “Recipe Finder for Analass”. There you can look through all the picnic recipes at a glance.

Another savory recipe that kids will love is the quick, ready-made pizza dough. Of course you can top them with your favorite ingredients.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza Taler - Snack Recipe - Idea for the party buffet - Pizza Ideas

The category children’s birthday can also be found in the recipe finder by occasion. Super practical for the next party. Our favorites among others: fruit lollipops with a face and healthy nice cream!

Fruit lollies with facesNicecream and fruit skewers

Actually, the best tip for healthy snacking is to have things on the table before they realize they’re getting hungry and ask for cookies. What also helps sometimes is to arrange the food colorfully and nicely, such as with the fruit lollipops, for example. If you have great tips, we’d love to hear them.

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