Are you planning a children’s birthday and are you still looking for ideas for gifts, invitations, craft ideas, decorations, cakes and birthday meals? Then this article is just right for you! Here is a large collection of birthday ideas for children.

What shouldn’t be missing from a child’s birthday party? How do you keep kids busy at a party? If you are stuck for ideas, then this collection will help you a lot. Here I have listed birthday cakes, food, craft ideas, games and gifts and party favors for the little guests.

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3. Invitation, gifts & party bags for the little guests

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Ideas for children’s birthdays – birthday cake & food

The highlight of every child’s birthday is of course the birthday cake or the food at a children’s party. Here are a few suggestions for this:

An absolute highlight at every children’s birthday party are these rainbow waffles as a cake replacement.

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Cactus bowl made from a watermelon for a child's birthday

If you are having a summer party, this cactus bowl should not be missing as a birthday decoration!

Melon cake

Should it be fruity? Then I recommend this cake for your birthday.

Rainbow cupcakes with frosting

These rainbow cupcakes with frosting are always very popular for children’s birthday meals.

Monster cake with marshmallow frosting

Or should it be really fun? This monster cake with marshmallow frosting is really fun!

Mini burgers for children's birthday parties

The mini burgers are also a very tasty meal as an idea for birthday dinners.

Rainbow cake for a child's birthday

A super simple cake is the rainbow cake for a child’s birthday.

Rainbow fruit skewers

Should it be even simpler, but no less beautiful? Then try the rainbow fruit skewers.

Findus pancake cake

An absolute classic is the pancake cake as a birthday cake.

Rainbow Swiss roll

The rainbow Swiss roll is a little more complicated, but it’s still really pretty and with my instructions you can make it!

Watermelon pizza for a child's birthday

Another fun idea is watermelon pizza as a children’s birthday meal.

Ideas for children’s birthdays – craft ideas & games

To ensure that there is a lot of fun, games and craft ideas are a must at the birthday party. Here are a few ideas listed:

Upcycling DIY - confetti rockets

The confetti rockets are easy to make and are really fun. A great idea for a children’s birthday party.

Make a mermaid crown

If the birthday child likes the underwater world, you should definitely copy this mermaid crown.

Tie a flower wreath

Or will the children’s birthday party take place in the summer? Then open a flower station and make your own flower wreaths with the children!

DIY water sponges as a more sustainable water balloon alternative

Is it really hot on the day of the birthday party? Then this idea for water sponges is just right for you!

DIY painting stones

And if you want to do a little painting, you can just get stones. All the kids color them and then hide them in the woods where one person can find them and be happy about it!

Glass cover and coaster with iron beads

Ironing beads are the classic for every child’s birthday! So here is one of many ideas about what nice things you can make for it.

Ideas for children’s birthday parties – invitations, gifts and party bags for the little guests

The little guests should of course have fond memories of the day. It is therefore important what kind of invitation cards, gifts and party favors you prepare for the children. Here are a few ideas:

Emergency pills with smarties

The emergency pills not only help you when you really need it, they also taste good. You can find a free template to print out in the article!

Pumpkin candy packets

If the child’s birthday takes place around Halloween or in the fall, these pumpkin candy packages are also a great party favor for the children.


If you’re celebrating a fiesta, these mini piñatas filled with sweets are a great gift for the little guests.

Invitation cards with iron-on beads

An invitation is just as important to announce the child’s birthday! These invitation cards with iron-on beads are perfect for a summer party.

Gift in a jam jar for a child's birthday

This gift in a jam jar is also a sweet party bag for the little guests.

What idea should every child’s birthday party be without?

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