Are you planning an Easter brunch in 2022 and are still looking for ideas for recipes to prepare and finger food? Then this article is just right for you! Easter is just around the corner and we all want Easter breakfast on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday to be an unforgettable experience. If the family has announced itself or friends come over spontaneously, an Easter brunch with a few finger food ideas is just the thing. Most guests are happy about creative recipes for Easter breakfast and the host or hostess is happy about simple recipe ideas to prepare the day before and serve finger food. I have put together 11 delicious recipes for Easter breakfast or Easter break for you.

Have fun browsing and imitating!

Easter brunch 2022: 11 recipes for Easter breakfast

Easter brunch should have both savory and sweet recipe ideas and these puff pastry Easter bunnies are not only perfect for Easter breakfast, they are also quick to prepare.

Easter brunch: toast muffins with egg and bacon or scrambled eggs

You know muffins, but not toast muffins? That needs to change. Because toast muffins with egg and bacon are the ultimate frontrunners of an Easter brunch. No one can resist this finger food!

Serving idea for Easter brunch: chocolate bowls

There should definitely be fruity finger food at your brunch in 2022. You can serve it even better at Easter in these chocolate bowls.

Easter eggs made from juicy marble cake bundt cakes

Marble Cake Easter Eggs are a great make-ahead brunch idea or on any Easter breakfast table. They are quick to make and you can prepare them the day before.

Easter brunch: Easter sandwiches with marzipan carrots

This delicious Easter cake with marzipan carrots should not be missing from an Easter brunch. A quick idea to prepare at home.

Osternest Cupcakes

Easter Nest Cupcakes are another great Easter breakfast or brunch 2022 recipe that your guests are sure to love. The finger food can be prepared well the day before.

Easter wreaths

Of course, Easter wreaths should not be missing from Easter brunch. You can also use these as decoration on the Easter table.

Easter brunch: Easter bunny napkins as Easter table decorations

What should you definitely have for an Easter brunch? Boiled breakfast eggs! If you decorate these with a napkin, they will fit perfectly with any Easter table decoration.

This is what no Easter brunch should be without: Easter bread

Easter bread is definitely traditional and obligatory. A great brunch recipe to prepare the day before.

Easter bun

In addition to Easter bread, Easter plait is also a recipe that is easy to implement and will be very popular with guests at Easter breakfast.

Easter brunch: mini pavlovas in the shape of Easter eggs

Mini Pavlovas in the shape of Easter eggs are a delicious recipe idea that no brunch or Easter breakfast should be without. The finger food can be prepared very well the day before.

What do you like to serve for Easter brunch?

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