DIY Invitation with Sparkling Fairy Dust

My new fairy invitation is ready! The glitter dust of the magic wand even glows in the dark and when you open the paper flower you can see why: the inside of the box is illuminated by an LED balloon light and provides a bit of additional magic and is sure to make children’s eyes shine. And now have fun with the instructions 😉

Material list:

  • Fee print file : CLICK
  • My font for the longer texts: CLICK
  • kraft paper: CLICK
  • White paper
  • Piece of gold construction paper
  • Scrap paper leftovers for the stars
  • star punch CLICK
  • Blank matchboxes large: CLICK
  • Balloon LED lights, e.g. here: CLICK
  • colored pencils
  • Neon multimarkers, I have these: CLICK
  • black fineliner
  • glue stick
  • craft knife
  • Scissors

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That’s how it works:

1.) Print & paint individual parts Prints out the pdf file with the fairy motif in its original size. Then color in the motifs with colored pencils. Then cut out the pieces as shown. With the star punch you make a golden star for the magic wand. Add the name of the birthday child and the guest on the flower and on the green leaf with fineliner.

2.) Glue boxes Now first glue the front to the outer box and then attach the flower by gluing it to the tabs on the inside of the box as shown.

3.) Wand & Holes Glue the star to the wand and poke small holes in the box with the craft knife. With the neon marker pens you can dab a little color around the stars.

3.) LED light You can paint the lamp of the LED light in the color of your choice with marker pens – this creates a beautiful, colorful lighting atmosphere in the box. Then you attach the light to the top of the inner box. Either simply stick it into a pricked hole, use hot glue or string – depending on which LED light you have. Be sure to leave the lights off until you distribute the invitations, as the lights are only on for about 30 hours. Finally, stick the exact information in the inner box of the fairy invitation and sprinkle in a few paper stars.

Pushes the inner box into the outer box and COMPLETE is your magical fairy invitation to children’s birthday party 😉

Have fun crafting and celebrating,

Your Sammy


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