DIY lantern/night light made from paper plates

Here is probably my last lantern motif before St. Martin: a fox lantern, more precisely a mother fox with a cute fox baby that you can even remove 😉 I had already made Papa Fox last year, but without a print template. I have now done this and the entire family is now in the print template. Instead of a lantern stick, I once again used a simple branch, which fits perfectly with the forest animal theme and looks beautifully natural. There is another ready-made print template for you in two different plate sizes, which you can find in the material list.

Material list:

  • Fox lantern print file (for 23 and 19 cm size): CLICK
  • Kraft paper: CLICK
  • Natural cardboard soup plate 19-20 cm: CLICK
  • alternatively flatter plates, 19 cm: CLICK
  • or classic paper plates 23 cm in brown: CLICK
  • Transparent Paper: CLICK
  • a branch as a lantern stick
  • Dried flowers for the hair, mine are from Soestrene Grene
  • Plain white paper (80g)
  • LED cork light: CLICK and if necessary, additional LED light
  • Wire for suspension
  • black and white marker pen
  • orange acrylic paint and colored pencils
  • black wire for Papa Fox’s whiskers
  • pointed scissors or craft knife
  • Glue stick and hot glue

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And here you go Step-by-Step-Video (from Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m.)

The DIY fox lantern is ready, which you can also use as a decorative light or night light for the children’s room 😉 I have more lantern ideas for you here, for example my new dinosaur lantern: CLICK or more: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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