Do you also have a small kitchen? Then every centimeter counts. We searched the web for the most practical products that help to make small kitchens more functional and to ensure order and cleanliness on the worktop.

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Practical solutions for a small kitchen

Ever since we moved into our little Dutch gingerbread house about 7 years ago, we knew that at some point we would have to thoroughly renovate the kitchen. Slowly the time has really arrived, because the cupboard doors are always skewed, the stove no longer closes properly and you can only touch the water tap with your fingertips.
And since we put our new dream kitchen together in the kitchen studio, there is now no turning back. I’m really looking forward to the new project. Even if the exact date isn’t quite certain yet, I know the kitchen will come.

Since we are not going to increase the surface of the kitchen, we will keep it small. But the new one should stay neat and tidy. (Does this resolution sound familiar to you?) That’s why I’m already chasing the net for practical solutions to problems such as wet work surfaces, chaos in the fridge, open cereal boxes and ugly dishcloths and sponges on the work surface. Here are our Etsy finds:

Convenient products for a small kitchen

  • Foil dispenser from Kdesignpantrylabel
    It doesn’t matter if you are now a pro at tearing off cling film, your family members are probably not. That’s why these dispensers are really handy.
    Better yet, use homemade oilcloths.
  • Extendable bamboo cutlery tray by BlauKeEUThe extendable drawer compartments can be perfectly adapted to different drawer sizes.
  • storage jars from organizerZde. One of my new weaknesses. Everything beautifully packaged is not only much prettier, but also a practical solution to keep food moths away.
  • Stainless Steel Drying Rack by easthings. Sinks can become multifunctional worktops with the right equipment, such as this mobile drying rack. You can also place hot pots on it or drain dishes directly into the sink.
  • PlanetMisona Diatomaceous Earth Absorbent Stone Slab. As a marble-look slab, you can use this mat not only as a bath mat, but also on the kitchen worktop, where you can put wet dishes or hot pots and pans. The whole thing looks pretty too.
  • Absorbent Sink Tray by GinAccessoriesHeaven. Made from diatomaceous earth, this tray dries water stains in no time. Super practical for the soap dispenser or as a shelf for the sponge.
  • Hanging cutting board shelf from ElegantPiecesUK. If you have little space, you can also use the space under the wall cabinets. Ideal for the cutting boards, for example.
  • Cutting board with drip trays from BolsonShop. Will definitely be purchased in my household, because the leftover vegetables go straight into a bowl and don’t fly all over the worktop, where you still need space for 234,322 other products when cooking.
  • Splatter Faucet by ThingsYouNeedddd. Such a splash guard is particularly practical for work surfaces made of wood.
  • Storage for sponges and Co. from SDiesign. When sponges and brushes have a nice place, the kitchen looks 500% nicer.
  • Sponge holder from HomeLuxurie. Available in different colors to match the sink.
  • Cereal Dispenser by KatchyGift. The dream of my muesli bar is getting a little bit closer.
  • Hanging Wire Fruit Basket by ArtmaVintage. My metal hanging basket gives the kitchen a really nice vibe. In addition, the fruit does not take up any space on the countertop.
  • Fridge containers from MyKitchenDream. If you keep your fridge tidy, you have a better overview and are less likely to let food run off or rot.
  • Turntable for the fridge or the pantry from DeajStore. I’m a big fan of turntables. They are super practical in the fridge, for sauces, pesto jars and more.

Here are a few more practical Amazon finds:

Perfect for the cupboard under the sink or a cupboard without a drawer. This pull-out organizer.

Hang the sieve in your sink, place a cutting board halfway over it and you can cut and wash the vegetables with just a few hand movements.

Bottle holder for drinking bottles for the fridge or the kitchen cupboard.

I hope I can tell you soon how things are going with my kitchen.

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