Are you picking presents in a group this year? And don’t you know exactly who you’re going to give the gift to? Or do you not really know this person? Is it a colleague? Then things can get tricky when looking for a gift.

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Secret Santa gifts under 15 euros

We’ve put together a few gnome ideas for you that don’t cost more than 15 euros. In the best case scenario, you know who you are giving the gift to, even if you may not know the person well. However, you can at least exclude some categories. If it’s a complete “blind imp” in a large group, it helps to think functionally. Things that you can use up, that are simple and beautiful and fit into everyday life. So think less about porcelain swan and more about pretty stationery 😉

Another thought that helps when choosing a gift is that sometimes you see pretty, functional items in stores, but you wouldn’t treat yourself to them because you already own the simple version. Nevertheless, you would be happy if you could open your wine bottle in the evening with this cheerful corkscrew or if you had nice oven gloves. Other people often feel the same way.

You can find even more ideas in the gnome collages from the last few years.

Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under 15 euros

Secret Santa gifts for colleagues under 15 euros

You can find more gifts in the gift finder!

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