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It’s November 1st and Christmas is slowly but surely approaching. Let’s continue with the #DIYYearChallenge, which I’m organizing every month this year with Laura from trytrytry! Today the theme is “Advent Calendar”. Because if you want to make your own Advent calendar, you should start slowly so that it is ready in December!

Our partner this month is Spoonflower. You can buy wonderful fabrics (and more) at Spoonflower – there are over a million (really!) great patterns that you can have printed on a variety of fabrics. You choose a pattern you like and then choose the fabric – that’s great.

For our topic “Advent calendars”, I sat down at the sewing machine and sewed an Advent calendar with bags that I attached to a gold ring. A few nice pine branches around it and it looks super Christmassy.

Throughout the year I get creative with Laura from trytrytry on a given topic and you can vote on Instagram to see who implemented the topic better. (Pssst, you can win a Spoonflower voucher!) We always show our results on the respective topic on the 1st of the month.

Laura also did some work on the topic of “natural materials”, take a look.


At Spoonflower you will find an incredible number of great designs from designers from all over the world – over 1 million designs – that you can have printed. So a lot. And the great thing: You can have these designs printed on a fabric of your choice – or on paper or wallpaper. You can also create designs yourself and sell them there.

So you choose a design that you like and then when you order, you choose what type of fabric, wallpaper or paper you want the design to be printed on. Then you order, wait a bit and have the great things at home.

I looked for fabrics with cool patterns in pastels and gold. I have created a collection of my fabrics here so that you can buy the fabric designs.


Every month Laura from trytrytry and Lisa from meinfeenstaub take on a new DIY challenge on a given topic. Our monthly sponsor sends us the same material – and everyone comes up with a DIY idea using the same material – the community then votes on who wins and who implemented the topic better! Every month you can win the DIY pack we got creative with by voting on Instagram for who wins.

This is how it works: sew an Advent calendar with bags

I used these beautiful fabrics. I have collected them all in one collection here.

  • a cotton fabric of your choice
  • sewing machine
  • Goldring
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Perforator
  • Branches (e.g. fir branches, pine branches, …)
  • golden sewing cardboard (or golden cardboard, artificial leather, …)

1. Fold the fabric once and cut out bags measuring 10 x 15 cm from the fabric fold. You can also set the size individually, depending on how big you want them to be.

2. Cut out a total of 24 bags. My measurements already include the seam allowance. If you want smaller or larger bags, adjust the dimensions accordingly.

3. Fold the bags right sides together and pin the sides together with fabric clips.

4. Sew the sides with a straight stitch.

5. Fold the top edge of the bag twice so that the edge at the top is nice. Iron over it once so it’s easier to sew.

6. Sew the top edge all the way around with a straight stitch.

Now repeat the whole thing 24 times. 🙂 This is very meditative!

7. Now cut out the 24 numbers from the golden sewing cardboard. I simply sketched the numbers loosely in pencil and then cut them out. You don’t have to be perfect. Looks very charming when they aren’t. If you want perfect numbers, simply write 1 – 24 in a thick font in a text document and print them out in the appropriate size. Then simply use them as templates.

8. Always make a hole in the top of the number with the hole punch and thread the yarn through the hole. Tie the bags with this. (Fill it with great things first, of course!)

Now use a second thread to attach the bags to the gold ring. I cut yarn at different lengths so that the bags hang at different heights. I think this looks great! Theoretically, you can also tie the bags all around the gold ring. Whatever you like.

If you like, you can now tie fir branches or pine branches around your gold ring. You can also leave the gold ring “blanco”.

And done! Doesn’t that look nice?

I mixed five different fabrics. I think the pastel mix is ​​beautiful – but you can also make your bags all out of the same material, for example.

And another idea: wrap a small string of lights around the ring. This means your Advent calendar also lights up and looks particularly great.

By the way: The #DIYYearChallenge ends this year with the topic “Advent Calendar”. But Laura and I are starting a new round next year, which we are really looking forward to.

We had SO much fun with the #DIYYearChallenge, which is why we will definitely be relaunching it in 2022.

Do you like the DIY idea? Then feel free to mark it on one of your pin boards with this photo on Pinterest:


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