Interactive card for Valentine’s Day or other occasions

Here I have a cute interactive card for Valentine’s Day or any other day you want to show someone you love them. When you turn the wheel, the little bear writes a love message in the starry sky: “You are one in a million”. And this one star among many, it still stands prominently in the sky above 😉 I have a ready-made print file for you with which you can easily recreate the DIY.

Material list:

  • Print file bear declaration of love: CLICK
  • or here in a set with two other sweet cards: CLICK
  • or here the bear in the card set with further templates: CLICK
  • Kraft paper with grain 230 g: CLICK or
  • Kraft paper 230 g without grain: CLICK
  • well-covering colored pencils, I have these: CLICK
  • If necessary, charcoal pencils (or pastel crayons from Stabilo) for the sky
  • Sample bag clip
  • golden Sharpie
  • Craft knife/scissors
  • Lineal
  • hot glue

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Here’s the link Step-by-Step-Video (from this evening around 5:00 p.m.)

The very special card for Valentine’s Day is ready. Feel free to send me your results via Instagram, where I often share them 😉 Feel free to send me any other sayings that you would like for the card in the print file. By the way, I have another sweet idea for Valentine’s Day, namely a heart-shaped photo leporello: CLICK

Have fun crafting!

Your Sammy


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