Now that summer is showing itself from its best side, I have set up my lounge corner really nicely. The long summer nights can come!

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This is how you set up a cozy lounge corner in the garden

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I love my newly designed lounge corner. The perfect place for me to relax and watch the kids playing in the garden at the weekend, but also for an afternoon coffee break and a glass of wine on a summer evening with a good book.

Decorate garden corner

Tip 1: tidy up and clean

Every spring, before the Easter weekend, I start my annual deep cleaning in the garden. For me, this is the start of the gardening season. I get rid of faded plants, prepare the beds for spring and best of all: I borrow the high-pressure cleaner and really clean the floor and remove the green covering. This gives a fantastic before and after effect from the garden.

In order to then create a harmoniously matching corner and not a colorful hodgepodge, you should first tidy up well. I got rid of a few old items, finally drove to the recycling center again and gave other things a new place.

Tip 2: Seating

My basis is my amazing bamboo sofa. In addition, I recently got hold of an absolute bargain at Action. The macrame hanging chair that we were able to attach to the canopy with a chain. Also great are high seat cushions or stools, which can be flexibly placed as required and used for sitting or as a small table.

Lounge corner garden

hanging chair garden


Tip 3: Outdoor carpet

Such a small outdoor carpet can create a really cozy flair in the lounge corner. They don’t even have to be expensive. I actually think natural fiber carpets are even nicer, but I was a bit concerned about their durability in the garden. In any case, the children found the carpet very inviting to play on the floor.

Set up a lounge corner


Tip 3: Decorative elements

I made sure that all the decorative elements and textiles match each other and kept them in natural tones for a calm look. Of course, if you want, you can also pick up a color theme and set everything up in a tropical jungle style, with lots of bamboo plants or be inspired in some other way. My macramé and the flower pictures are now hanging on the back wall and form a harmonious background.

garden decoration

Pillows and blankets make the whole thing very cozy and inviting to stay seated longer in the evening. Discreet lighting with solar lamps and candles ensure romance in the evening.

garden lighting

garden lighting

A couple of straw hats have found a place on the wall. Practical if you occasionally need a headgear for gardening.
I also hung up a hanging plant pot and provided some greenery in the corners. The watering balls* are practical for the plants under the canopy. Then you don’t have to water them every day.

Decoration garden corner

Tip 4: Stow away textiles

Since our corner is covered, we leave everything in the garden that way, even at night. I then put the hanging chair on the sofa and put a tarpaulin over it. Then they are also protected from summer rain. In the morning, the tarpaulin is then quickly stowed away again. Boxes for weatherproof storage of garden textiles are also practical. It is important that it is not a lot of work every day to prepare the corner for use. Because once the corner looks inviting again, it will be used every day.

Tip 5: Overwinter garden furniture

For the winter I will pack the textiles in vacuum bags* and store them in the shed so that they don’t start to get mouldy. The bench stays outside in the winter and we then push it into the corner so it’s protected from the weather.
In my experience, it’s best not to cover the furniture with plastic sheeting for the entire winter period, because then the wood can no longer dry properly and mold can develop.

But now we’re really enjoying the summer in our cozy lounge corner and are happy that we’ve finally improved the garbage can corner in the garden. I’ll show you here soon!

All the best,
your Maike

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