Dear readers of Paulina Cocina Today’s recipe has two peculiarities: it is incredibly delicious and it can be terribly harmful to the liver. No no, don’t go running to buy some pill or effervescent because the good news is that if you torreznos They are well made, they are not going to weigh you down.

So pass the news on to your acquaintances because with today’s information and recipe, they will be able to eat these crunchy wonders without stopping. Well, maybe in moderation because they are not carrot sticks either… But you understand.

About the torreznos

Los torreznos They are a tempting gastronomic delicacy that originates from pork belly, specifically from the layer of skin and fat found in the belly area of ​​the animal.

This part of the meat is cut into strips or piecesis seasoned and subjected to a frying process, resulting in a bite with a crunchy exterior texture and a juicy interior.

The key to achieving the perfect torreznos consists of finding the balance between cooking and oil temperatureallowing the fat to gradually melt while the skin transforms into a crispy, golden coating.

Crispy and tasty: What are torreznos?

This culinary delight is especially appreciated in the region of Soria, in the province of Castilla y León, Spain, where torreznos have achieved the status of an iconic specialty.

Their popularity has spread beyond the region, making them a highly in-demand tapa or aperitif in bars and restaurants throughout Spain.

Los torreznos They are an example of how culinary tradition can transform simple ingredients into irresistible creations, providing a unique experience that combines the pleasure of crunchiness with the richness of the flavors of pork belly.

He Torrezno de Soria It has a long history in Spanish gastronomy, and its origin dates back centuries. The Soria region, in particular, has been an epicenter of this specialty, contributing to its popularity and roots in local culinary culture.

What part of the pork are the torreznos?

Los torreznos They are made from pork belly, specifically its layer of skin and fat. Bacon is a portion of meat found in the belly area of ​​the pig and is made up of different layers of tissue, including lean meat, fat and skin.

The part used is outer layer of skin and fat, which when subjected to a frying process, becomes crunchy and delicious. It is this unique combination of textures and flavors that makes torreznos so popular and appreciated in gastronomy, especially in the Soria region of Spain.

How do you cook bacon?

The choice of bacon for preparation is key, since its high fat and skin content is what allows it to acquire that characteristic crunchy consistency.

When subjected to heat during frying, the fat melts and the skin becomes golden and crispy, creating a contrast of textures that is one of the most outstanding attributes of the torreznos.

Although bacon is a part that used to be cheaper in the Pork Meatits transformation into torreznos has elevated it to a special culinary status, both in the Soria region and in other parts of Spain and beyond. It can even be used in simple recipes to give them a gourmet touch such as green leafy salad, bacon and croutons.

The torreznos from the bars are the best torreznos, without discussion

These delicious bacon bites frita have a rich tradition in the province of Soria and have become a culinary emblem of the area. The preparation of Torrezno It can vary depending on the establishment or the recipe, but at Soria it is a combination of textures that ranges from crunchy on the outside to juicy and tender on the inside.

In bars and restaurants, the preparation of torreznos It is a masterpiece of texture and flavor. The torreznos in the bars are creations that combine pork belly with a precise frying technique.

How do you make it?

First of all, Cut the bacon into strips or pieces and they are seasoned with salt and, in some cases, with secret spices that provide a distinctive touch.

Then they immerse themselves in the hot oil from the frying pan or fryer, where the magical transformation occurs. The key is controlling the temperature and cooking time, ensuring that the skin becomes crispy and golden while the interior meat remains juicy and flavorful.

The process of frying them in bars is an art that requires experience and mastery. The crunch when biting into a Torrezno is a sign of success, indicating that the exterior has been cooked to perfection, trapping the essence of the bacon inside.

This culinary transformation process turns pancetta into a snack that combines the best of both worlds: an outer layer that breaks with a touch and an inner part that melts on the palate.

Thus, the torreznos of the bars become an invitation to taste the crunchy and tasty essence of culinary tradition, enriching the gastronomic experience of diners.

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Torreznos recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Preparation time: 1 hour and a half


  • 500 g pork belly (with skin and fat)
  • Coarse salt
  • Vegetable oil for frying

How to make torreznos in a few steps

  1. Cut the bacon into strips or pieces of the size you prefer, making sure that each piece has both skin and fat. Rub them with coarse salt and place them in a container. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom of the skillet. Add the bacon strips skin side down and let them cook slowly.
  3. Carefully turn the torreznos so that they cook on all sides. Cooking can take between 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Remove them from the pan and place them on absorbent paper to remove excess fat.
easy torrezno recipe


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