Today we show you the most beautiful wedding invitation cards with acrylic glass and a DIY idea on how to personalize these special acrylic glass invitations. Psst: we also have a discount voucher for you.

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Beautiful wedding invitation cards with acrylic glass and dried flowers

It doesn’t matter whether you pull an invitation to a wedding, a milestone birthday or a garden party out of the mailbox, the invitation card is the first indication of what you can expect from the celebration as a guest and forms the first impression. In addition, an invitation card can later serve as a nice keepsake.
We browsed the Pretty Orange website looking for beautiful invitation cards with a wow factor and almost couldn’t decide which card designs we loved the most. There are a wide variety of designs in different styles, complete sets with matching accessories, and the option of uploading your own design or personalizing existing ones.

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Water color effect invitation cards

We found the invitations with printed acrylic glass and matching inserts super inspiring. Such an invitation with acrylic glass is an ideal souvenir that you can later put on the shelf. We’ll show you how to add a little DIY magic and a personal touch to these invitation cards in a moment.

Beautiful wedding invitations – stationery with watercolor effect and acrylic glass

Acrylic glass invitation water color effect

Wedding invitation watercolor effect pink

Water color effects just keep our creative hearts beating faster. The combination of blue-green tones with a gold effect on acrylic glass is simply super beautiful. In line with this, you can also find designs for the save-the-date card, thank you notes, menu cards and everything else you need in the wedding invitations category at Pretty Orange. You can also order stickers and envelopes in many colors, as well as special paper clips and card stands, so that everything appears to be of one piece.
By the way, the water color design in pink tones also goes really well with the acrylic glass with gold detail. And you will also find many other products that go well with this design.

DIY idea – personalize wedding invitations with dried flowers

Don’t the pressed flowers look beautiful behind the acrylic glass? Depending on your taste, you can press your favorite flowers in a flower press and stick them on an insert card.

Invitation cards with pressed flowers

Materials for wedding invitations with dried flowers

that’s how it works

We chose the kraft paper look design for this idea. The envelopes in shades of green go perfectly with it. By the way, stickers are also available in this look.

Invitation kraft paper

I left the kraft paper insert card blank on the front. You can add the invitation text on the back using the design tool on

When pressing flowers, it is best to choose small flowers that contain little water or pluck off individual petals. Then press them between absorbent paper in the flower press or under a thick book for at least 4 days.

Then arrange all the flowers until you are satisfied with your design.

I used spray adhesive to glue the flowers to the insert card, which dries invisibly after spraying. Glue the flowers to the card. A pair of tweezers may help with positioning. Then gently press the flowers to make them stick.

Spray adhesive cards design pressed flowers

Finally you put on the acrylic card and can send it.

Flowers press wedding invitations


  • If your insert card is very thin, you can also put it in a wooden stand together with the acrylic glass and place it on the tables as a table number or menu card.
  • You can also frame your acrylic glass card later and hang it up or simply put it on the shelf as a decoration.

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