Valentine’s Day is coming up and that’s why I have 100 date ideas for you today, maybe for the first date? I know there are people who don’t celebrate this day at all and others who love it. Just like any other holiday. This blog post definitely addresses the latter. Today I’m going to show you a sweet DIY that you can use to surprise your loved ones! A jar with 100 date ideas.

Let’s be honest: How often do we lie on the sofa and just don’t know what to do? This glass provides the solution because you just have to draw one of the pieces of paper. So that the DIY for the date ideas goes a little faster, I have written down 100 ideas for you.

These date ideas are partly dependent on the weather and certainly not all of them are for everyone. Nevertheless, they should be a little inspiration, because in principle you can do so much, just don’t think about it. So if you don’t have an idea for Valentine’s Day yet, this is the solution! It is also a gift for yourself. How practical!


For the template (click on the image):

100 date night ideas

1st movie night
2. Go to the thermal baths
3. Play billiards
4. Visit a flea market
5. Geocaching together
6. Go karting
7. Video Game Night
8. go to a concert
9. Go to the animal shelter and cuddle and walk animals
10. Comedy-Show
11. Paintball
12. Cooking challenge: Both cook the same dish and then compare
13. Inline skating
14. Shared spa evening
15. Canoe trip
16. Go to the ballet
17. Fly a hot air balloon
18. Mini golf
19. a long massage
20. Go to the lake and have a picnic
21. Picnicking (in the living room)
22. Go to the planetarium
23. Create and plan a shared bucket list
24. Beauty evening (men can do that too 😉)
25. Do relaxation exercises together
26. Roast marshmallows on a campfire
27. Bike ride
28. Bowling
29. Game night
30. The brunch
31st karaoke evening
32. Plays a game from your childhood
33. Tourist tour in your own city
34. The series Marathon
35. Learn a language together
36. Beer tasting
37. Stand Up Paddling
38. Favorite Movies Marathon
39. Climbing park
40. Blind booking and fly off
41. Scavenger hunt
42. Puzzle Night
43. Turn off your cell phone all day and just do nothing
44. Chocolate Fondue Night
45. Go to the climbing park
46. ​​Hiking tour
47. Watch the sunset
48. Visit an amusement park
49. Go to the museum
50. Browse through old photo albums
51. go to a musical
52. Watch a football game/hockey game/…
53. The camp
54. Go to your favorite restaurant
55. Wine tasting
56. Watch children’s films from the past
57. Ice skating
58. Go to a strawberry field and plow strawberries
59. Go to a jazz club
60. Laser Tag
61. Watch the sunrise
62. Pair of Bungee Jumping
63. Write a story together
64. Go to the park
65. Do something you’ve never done before
66. Order way too much from the delivery service
67. Get on the train with no destination
68. Go out for cocktails
69. Riding a Ferris wheel
70. Play squash
71. Go crazy and talk about your dream future
72. Read old diaries, love letters and friendship books
73. Watch fireworks
74. Create your favorite music playlist together
75. Go to the Botanical Gardens
76. Go to a free open air/party
77. Camp out in the living room
78. Ask each other questions to learn more about each other
79th Baking Contest
80. Take a dance class
81. Go to the circus
82. Go to the theater
83. Mix your own cocktails
84. Build a den out of pillows and blankets and tell old stories
85. Go to a creative class together
86. Plan your next vacation and actually travel
87. Cheese fondue night
88. Buy a big box of donuts and eat them all together
89. Autokino
90. Go to an art exhibition
91. Ice Cream Sundae Night
92. Trip to the sea
93. Make your own pizza
94. Breakfast in bed
95. Play tennis
96. Counting shooting stars
97. Go to the aquarium
98. Try a new sport
99. Candle-Light-Dinner
100. Escape Room

100 date night ideas

100 date night ideas

100 date night ideas

The Valentine’s Day season has now begun and you can look forward to many heartfelt topics in the next few weeks!

See you then. Your Laura

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