When we moved here 7 years ago, we simply took over the very old kitchen with the plan of replacing it at some point. And now, after 7 years, we’ve finally done it and I’m super happy with the result.

Kitchen renovation – the makeover for better storage space

The old kitchen was really starting to fall apart. We had already replaced the refrigerator, the new water tap could no longer be screwed on properly because the worktop had become too brittle, the oven no longer closed well and the cupboard doors were hanging more and more askew. The socket situation was also simply not optimal (or they were loose in the wall) and the radiator also ran behind the window, behind the work island, which turned out to be absolutely impractical for storing food.

Another item on the list was a more practical solution for waste separation. More on this another time.

Make better use of storage space in the kitchen with drawers

What was particularly important for us was to maximize the little space that this 7 square meter kitchen has to offer with a practical kitchen layout. In other words, create lots of storage space and use drawers instead of open cabinets and shelves.

And then I spent about a year trying to find the right kitchen studio that had the right kitchen look in the right colors in their range. It shouldn’t be a white, hyper-modern, high-gloss kitchen without handles, but rather a mix of more traditional cupboard doors with a modern touch.

Tadaaaa and here is the result. We had to live without a refrigerator for a month in November and the renovation phase was sometimes a bit stressful, but we managed it.

Storage space solutions kitchen small

Set up a small kitchen with storage space

Space solution in the kitchen – vertical radiators

We replaced the radiator under the window with a vertical radiator, which I am absolutely happy with and which has even become a new seating area with back heating.

vertical radiator renovate small kitchen

The fronts are beautiful in eucalyptus colors and match the worktop really well and the gold tap has become an eye-catcher.

In front of the large window, behind the worktop, we now have a kind of sunken window sill for cooking accessories, herbs, etc.

Kitchen sunken windowsill

And then I repainted and varnished the entire kitchen. With the blue-green cabinets, the wall should simply be given a warm white tone. For this I used washable kitchen paint. The doors have also been given a new color. The cream has now become a light gray, which goes great with the fronts.
I actually wanted to add a tile backsplash, but I like the calm look so much that I’ll leave it like that for now.

Storage tip – use room height

Another tip for more storage space: use the heights. We put the fruit in our fruit basket and not on the worktop and the new kitchen cabinets are now higher and have more storage space than the old ones.

Fruit basket storage space kitchen

But the best thing is to have everything neatly stowed away and to be able to make coffee in the morning in a harmonious, visually quiet room and be able to fetch a wine glass from the upper cupboard in the evening without having to run to the storage cellar.

Plus, cleaning and tidying up is now even fun.

My favorite kitchen accessories.

Practical solutions for a small kitchen

Find beautiful furniture knobs for an upcycling project

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