The wedding season is starting again and with it the search for beautiful, personal wedding gifts. We love good DIY ideas, but sometimes it just needs to be quick and uncomplicated, but still personal. That’s why we’ve collected 20 customizable wedding gift ideas for you today!

20 personalized wedding gift ideas and money gift ideas for the wedding

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Whether it’s beautiful memories of the wedding day and the wedding location or just personalizable packaging for a gift of money – we’ve put together some great ideas for you. The ideas are priced between 9.99 euros and approx. 150 euros – so there is something for every budget. And if you would rather get creative yourself, then scroll all the way to the end – there we have also linked DIY ideas from the last few years. In addition, you will also find the right idea to do it yourself in the ideas from the collage from time to time. Let’s go from top to bottom!

In the upper left corner you will find personal posters and illustrations. Of course, if you are giving a large poster, you should know the bride and groom’s style well – so that you can be sure that they like it.

  • You can all customize the mountains from maps by AGierDesign, i.e. select places that are particularly important to the bridal couple.
  • Next to it you can see an individual watercolor painting of the wedding location by Mesrubeinvetation
  • The two personalized illustrations below are from PlacesAndSpacesCo – a travel adventure map and a drawing of the wedding location.
  • The poster Where it all began… is available from ArtowerStudio.
  • And next to that you have a 3D print in the frame for which you can choose a personal place. By 3DesignPrint.

In the upper right corner you will find a lot of books to fill out

  • The beautiful years chronicle comes from sperlingB Design. In the shop you will also find the beautiful moments calendar – I have it here myself and have been filling it since 2015. Maike has already shown you how to make such a calendar yourself in our blog Beginnings.
  • Most bridal couples get a register themselves, but if this has been agreed, I also find it a nice gift idea from the best man. This one in green comes from DeinWeddingshop and can be personalized with names.
  • There are also two bucket list books to fill out with lots of tasks and ideas for the wedding couple: The pink book by Leaf&Gold and the book You & Me by Jo&Judy.
  • Also from Leaf&Gold is the wedding day album to fill out. Here on the blog I show you how to make a personalized wedding anniversary album yourself. I created a guest book with the same design – always a nice gift idea!
  • At the bottom left of the collage you will also find the book DU & ICH by designbyheeaven. It is also a kind of diary for the wedding days.

The rest of the collage then shows beautiful packaging for money gifts and other ideas that can be personalized with names

Not in the collage, but perhaps a nice idea for all wedding couples who like to cook, is Plantui’s indoor garden. There we have a discount code of 15% for you – just give it creative fever a.

Even more personal gifts for the wedding, special guest books and DIY cash gifts

In recent years we have collected many DIY ideas and wedding gift ideas for you, which you can all discover with our gift finder. We have also linked some of them here for you.

Wrap DIY gifts of money beautifully

Special guest books and DIY guest book campaigns

Happy gift giving


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