If you guys the topic IKEA Hacks If you’re interested, you’ve probably stumbled across the IKEA Hack Mushroom Lamp a few times lately. Since I’m a big fan of homemade ones The DIY lamp I fell in love with the idea right away and also wanted to make such a DIY IKEA hack mushroom lamp myself.

Most of the variants I’ve seen online work with spray paint and the KORNSÖ night light. But since I’ve often seen that the spray paint looks spotty and turning on the KORNSÖ lamp is sometimes difficult or doesn’t work at all, I wanted to make a completely new version of the mushroom lamp – without spraying and with a simpler lighting mechanism. If you want to build your own DIY mushroom lamp and are curious to see what my lamp looks like when it’s on, read on! 🙂

Luisa holds IKEA bowl and vase

Make your own IKEA hack mushroom lamp


For the DIY mushroom lamp you need the following materials:

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Luisa puts glue on the IKEA bowl

Step 1: Glue the bowl

In the first step, the macrame yarn is glued to the BLANDA bowl with the multi-purpose glue. You can also spread a little more glue on the bowl to attach several “lanes” to the bowl with the macrame yarn.

Luisa sticks macrame yarn on an IKEA bowl

The yarn is wrapped around the bowl until it is completely covered.

Luisa decorates a vase with dried flowers

Step 2: Decorate the vase

Now the KARAFF vase is decorated with Iceland moss and dried flowers according to your taste.

Luisa places lamp in IKEA vase

Step 3: Let there be light!

When the vase is finished decorating, the LED light comes on the vase with the glowing side down.

Put the lid on and the IKEA Hack mushroom lamp is done!

IKEA Hack mushroom lamp turned on

And this is what the DIY mushroom lamp looks like when switched on. The LED light I linked to you in the materials list comes with a remote control so you can easily turn the LED on and off.

Making a mushroom lamp video:

You are also welcome to watch our YouTube video on the Ikea Hack mushroom lamp:


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The special thing about my variant is that you can decorate the vase again and again. Depending on the season, chestnuts, colorful autumn leaves, Easter eggs or fir branches can also decorate your lamp.

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