Well, what does it look like in your cookie jars? I admit, mine are still empty! But the desire for cookies, cookies and biscuits is slowly creeping in here and that’s why today I’m sharing our favorite 40 cookie recipes for the Christmas season!

40 cookie recipes for the Christmas season – Christmas baking with classics, modern cookies, shortbread, biscuits and biscuits

To the mixing bowl, ready, go! Here they come, our favorite recipes. One click takes you directly to the recipe you want. By the way, Berlin bread is a must for me – the recipe is from my grandma and the long kneading work is worth it. Pure childhood memories for me!

There you have it, our favorite cookie recipes – now all you have to do is choose one! I will definitely make the shortbread with apricots again. I didn’t really remember that, but it was super tasty!

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By the way, cookies and biscuits are also great to wrap as gifts and take with you as a small souvenir during Advent. You can find many more gift ideas from the kitchen, such as chocolates, liqueurs, spreads, jams, chutneys and the like here: 55 small gift ideas from the kitchen.

Have fun with the Christmas baking,


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Written by Jutta Handrup. Jutta – loves cheesecake, chocolate and boiler suits, moved back to Münster from Holland, now misses Vla and zure drops, faster than Lucky Luke with the hot glue gun. is happy to receive emails: [email protected] On Instagram: @jutta_kreativfieber

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