Easter is almost upon us and if you are still looking for a cake recipe for your Easter coffee table, then we have the right article for you today! We’ll show you how you can bake an Easter cake quickly and easily. With over 20 recipes for cakes that are quick and successful, can be prepared the day before or consist of simple ingredients. There are also the best quick decorating tips for Easter cakes.

Easter cake quick and easy – the best tips

Which cake should I bake for Easter? We have a few criteria that we use to select whether a cake is suitable for Easter and today we have also selected suitable recipes for you. The pie

  • is baked quickly and easily
  • can be easily decorated for Easter
  • can be prepared the day before
  • doesn’t need a long preparation time
  • consists of simple ingredients that are already available in spring
  • tastes super delicious

At least two statements apply to all recipes in this article, and often all of them!

Decorate Easter cake quickly and easily

With the right decoration, every cake becomes an Easter cake. Here are a few super simple decoration ideas:

  • Bake bunny biscuits from simple shortcrust pastry or cookie cutter dough. Children can decorate these or simply nibble on them and you can also simply use them as Easter cake toppers.
  • Even easier: buy mini chocolate Easter bunnies and use them as decorations
  • Also available to buy: marzipan carrots or small colorful chocolate eggs
  • If it fits: Peel small real mini carrots with green and stick them into the cake

Which Easter cakes can be prepared the day before?

We prefer to just take the Easter cake out of the fridge at Easter and not make any more mess in the kitchen. Many of the recipes here taste even better after they’ve been cooked for a day.

Which types of fruit and fruits are good to use for Easter cakes?

Strawberries are delicious, but unfortunately the season starts too late for Easter. Here you will find recipes with seasonally appropriate ingredients or recipes that can easily be made with frozen or preserved food.

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Bake Easter cake quickly and easily – 21 recipes for quick Easter cakes and tarts

Real Easter cake classics – recipes with carrots and carrots – carrot cake and co.

Of course, real classics shouldn’t be missing at Easter. That’s why we have two cake recipes with carrots for you!

Carrot Cheesecake

  • Carrot Cake – juicy carrot cake with nuts – two simple layers quickly become a sweet tart with a little decoration.
  • Carrot Cheesecake – For those who can’t decide between the classic cheesecake and carrot cake!

Easter cakes with eggnog – Easter cake quick and easy

Chocolate sponge roll with eggnog Bake chocolate eggnog tarts for Easter

While for some carrots are indispensable at Easter, others rely on eggnog!

Easter cakes with berries and fruit from the freezer or can

Bake blueberry Oreo cheesecake with Oreo sprinkles Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry mascarpone topping - not so sweet recipe Raspberry curd cheesecake with meringue recipe

The fact that we still have to wait for the berry season does not mean that we have to do without it completely. Here are our favorite recipes that are easy to prepare with berries from the freezer or fruit from a can or jar, but still look great!

  • Raspberry meringue cake – my absolute favorite cake for over 10 years!
  • Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake
  • Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry mascarpone topping – the purple topping is a real eye-catcher!
  • Raspberry chocolate cake – don’t let the (old) photos fool you – we’ve had this recipe at every family celebration for years and it’s super easy and quick to prepare.
  • Chocolate cream cake with raspberries – super delicious with light and dark chocolate cream
  • Raspberry curd cheesecake with meringue – a heavenly combination! You can also make the raspberry curd from frozen raspberries and use it for Easter breakfast!
  • Tart with caramelized apricots – technically a tart and not a cake, but super easy and super delicious! Simply prepare with canned apricots.

Easter cakes with lemons and limes

Bake raspberry lemon tarts Make your own tartlets with lime curd - quick, summery pastries Baking lemon meringue pie summer recipe idea

Lemons and limes taste delicious, fresh and fruity and lemon curd is a real all-rounder for delicious and simple Easter cakes!

Already in season – quick and easy Easter cake with rhubarb

Rhubarb maracuja tart with crispy bottom Rhabarber Kiss Torte

While we still have to wait for strawberries, the first rhubarb is often available in mid-March – perfect for Easter cakes!

  • Rhubarb and passion fruit cake – delicious fruity combination of rhubarb and passion fruit with a great yellow color!
  • Rhubarb meringue cake – the same applies here – please don’t be fooled by the photos! The recipe has been on the blog for so long (12 years!) because it is one of my absolute favorite cake recipes for the entire spring!

Simply prepare the day before – Easter cake is quick and easy

  • Apricot layer cake – Although this cake isn’t made as quickly as the others with the four layers, it gets tastier every day and is therefore perfect to prepare the day before Easter!

Easter cakes without fruit – with chocolate or cream

It doesn’t always have to be with berries or fruit – here are chocolatey and creamy Easter cakes.

Quick trick for Easter cakes – this is how you make a cake from a cake

Coconut-Pineapple Cake Coconut Guglhupf with pineapple cream recipe WDR cake buffet

We have already shown this simple trick on WDR Lokalzeit – a simple Guglhupf turns from a cake into a cake if you simply cut it in half horizontally and decorate it. The recipe you can find here:

These were our tips on how you can bake an Easter cake quickly and easily! By the way, you can find all of our cakes, tarts and cupcakes in our recipe finder!

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Have fun with the Easter preparations,


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