Here you will find our recipes for the best eggnog cakes – juicy and easy! Eggnog cakes in all variations – juicy, fluffy, chocolaty, for Easter or with apples and our favorite recipes with eggnog – desserts, cookies and spreads!

The best eggnog cakes and 9 delicious recipes with eggnog are super juicy and delicious

Eggnog cake is a real classic at Easter, but with the right recipes it tastes good all year round. We have our favorite recipes for you here, which are guaranteed to be nice and juicy or fluffy. The Swiss roll is also a real eye-catcher on the Easter table. Here are the nine most delicious recipes with eggnog!

Delicious chocolate sponge roll with eggnog

To make this juicy, chocolaty sponge cake, bake a sponge cake base on a tray and then roll it up after it has cooled. With cream, eggnog and chocolate chips it becomes really delicious. Click here for the recipe: Chocolate sponge roll with eggnog.

Simple eggnog cake, fluffy and delicious

Eggnog cake Guglhupf Easter recipe

A very simple eggnog cake baked in a Guglhupf every day – it becomes fluffy and delicious: Simple eggnog cake.

The juiciest eggnog cake with chocolate chips based on grandma’s recipe – keeps for many days

One of my favorite recipes for cakes that should last a few days: the moist eggnog cake based on grandma’s recipe. I often bake this cake when we have helpers in the house or garden, because it is easy to eat by hand, but is not dry at all, but super juicy and tastes like it was freshly baked for a few days.

Small eggnog chocolate tarts

Bake chocolate eggnog tarts for Easter

If you would like to bake a nice little cake with eggnog then try this: Eggnog Chocolate Cake.

Eggnog tiramisu with cantuccini – dessert idea for Easter

Eggnog tiramisu with cantuccini Easter dessert

Not an eggnog cake, but a nice alternative for Easter: The eggnog tiramisu in a glass with cantuccini is a delicious dessert for Easter that is super easy to prepare. Best the day before.

Bunny biscuits with eggnog filling

Bunny cookies with eggnog cream filling last minute Easter idea

Super simple, but always a delicious snack for Easter: the bunny biscuits with eggnog filling.

Chocolate eggnog spread – gift idea from the kitchen

Eggnog chocolate spread for Easter as a souvenir

Perfect as a small souvenir or as a gift and also made super quickly: the chocolate eggnog spread. Also great as a filling for eggnog cakes.

Eggnog cake with poppy seeds – super juicy and delicious

Eggnog poppy seed cake recipe for Guglhupf

I baked this eggnog cake with poppy seeds at Christmas time, but it tastes good all year round and is super moist. It also easily stays fresh for a few days.

Apple tart with eggnog glaze – creamy and easy to bake

Something different: an apple tart with delicious eggnog glaze. Super creamy and delicious!

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