DIY matchbox birthday invitation

Here I’ll show you how to make this cute invitation for a child’s birthday party. You have the choice between a dinosaur and a bear motif, just as your child prefers. Both are holding a candy balloon and are inviting the little guests to their birthdays. Opening the box reveals the exact details of the celebration. And now have fun with the instructions 😉

Material list:

  • My bear print file : CLICK
  • or my dino print file: CLICK
  • kraft paper: CLICK
  • White paper
  • Blank matchboxes large: CLICK
  • Acrylkugel 5 cm CLICK
  • colored pencils
  • black fineliner
  • glue stick
  • Craft glue UHU: CLICK
  • 3D tape double-sided: CLICK
  • Scissors
  • Sweet sprinkle balls

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That’s how it works:

1.) Print out the template Print out the pdf file with your favorite motif in its original size. You print side 1 on the kraft paper, side 2 comes on normal white paper. Then cut out the front pages and glue them to the outer box with a glue stick. You can either leave the balloon brown or cut out the white circles and glue them to the balloons as a background. Add the name of the birthday child with a fineliner.

2.) Color in the motif & glue the boxes Cut out the bear or the dinosaur and paint them with colored pencils. It always looks nicer if you add shading to the edge of the subject with a slightly darker shade. Also, write the guest’s name on a piece of kraft paper. Then you stick the bear/dino and the name tag on the box with a piece of 3D tape.

3.) Fill the acrylic ball & stick it on Place some of the small sprinkle balls in the circle shape. Then you simply fold over the small hanger of the transparent acrylic ball and remove it. Now carefully apply the glue to the edge of the ball and then attach it to the box.

Finally, you label the white rectangles of your printout with the birthday details and put a piece of paper in the inner box. Finally add some sprinkles.

Pushes the inner box into the outer box and COMPLETE is your very cute invitation to a children’s birthday party 😉

Have fun crafting and celebrating,

Your Sammy


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