Are you looking for inspiration for craft ideas for children in the summer? Then this article is just right for you. Here I will show you quick and easy ideas for summer crafts for children.

The summer holidays are just around the corner and the children have six weeks off. They can finally go to the sea, the mountains, a farm or have fun at home! Parents have to think of something to keep the children occupied during the holidays. But regardless of whether the parents are travelling or spending the holiday at home, it is always good to implement creative craft ideas with children. Because many children like to do crafts and want to make their grandparents, siblings or godmothers happy with a small gift. I have twelve creative craft ideas here that parents can implement with the children during the holidays, in the summer or on the weekends. Because nothing is better for children than when their parents do something or do crafts with them. Let’s get started!

Have fun browsing and copying!

Summer crafts with children

These flower lanterns with pressed flowers are easy to make. Simply collect summer flower petals with the children, press them and then stick them onto empty jam jars. Click here for instructions

DIY stone painting

Painting stones is particularly creative and therefore a great craft idea for the summer. Parents or children in the summer can collect stones and paint them however they like. Here are the instructions.

DIY water sponges as a more sustainable water balloon alternative

A summer activity that children love and that parents also enjoy: Simple summer sponges cool you down and can be used as an alternative to water balloons. A summer idea that is perfect as a summer game for the garden or park. Click here for the instructions.

Glass cover and coaster with iron-on beads

On cloudy and rainy days or simply during your lunch break, ironing beads are a perfect activity for children in the summer. Click here for the instructions.

Pearl flower bracelet

These cute flower bead bracelets are a lovely craft idea for children in the summer. This is also a great idea for kindergarten. Click here for the instructions.

Make a friendship bracelet with a cardboard disc

This technique of making friendship bracelets using a cardboard disc could be described as simple. The result is impressive and is a great activity for children in the summer. Here are the instructions.

Painting & decorating candles

Candles can be found in almost every household and with my techniques you can easily paint them. Click here for instructions.

(Lucky) mushrooms made of corks

A cool craft idea for children are these lucky mushrooms made from corks. Click here for the instructions.

Craft ideas for children in summer: insect hotel in bee look

All children learn at school that insects should be protected. What could be better than an insect hotel that can be hung in the garden or on the balcony? Here are the instructions.

Craft ideas for children in summer: Make a bracelet with letter beads

A bracelet made of letters is a great craft idea for children in the summer. Primary school children can put together names with the letters and then give them away or wear them themselves. Click here for the recipe.

Craft ideas for children in summer: folding mini 3D stars out of paper

A creative craft idea is these paper stars, which are suitable as decoration for many occasions. They are really simple and therefore a cool craft idea for the summer. Here are the instructions.

Craft ideas for children in summer: Make giant soap bubbles yourself

For all children who like to meet up with friends at the playground or in a park, soap bubbles are great fun. They are easy and inexpensive to make yourself and are a really cool summer holiday activity. Here are the instructions.

What do you think of the craft ideas for children?

See you then. Your Laura

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