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Today we have a very individual gift idea for friends who have just moved. We’ll show you how to design a professional-looking doormat without Photoshop or graphic design skills.

Gift idea for moving in – design your own doormat

We still have at least two housewarming parties in our circle of friends. So it’s time to start thinking about the right gifts.

Incidentally, we got the online shop on board for this gift idea. On this website you can have photos printed and personalized on various products, such as canvas prints, mugs and calendars, but also on various textiles and materials such as wood and acrylic glass. While browsing the website, I came across an opportunity to design a doormat. Of course, a new house also needs new floor mats for a fresh start, right? I found a very nice example of a doormat with a graphic instead of a photo on in the “Design your own doormat” category. And that you don’t have to be Photoshop professionals to design and upload a terrazzo-style doormat, for example, we’ll show you in the instructions.

Doormat as a gift for moving in

Design a doormat without Photoshop – DIY moving gift

Find the illustration for doormats online – this is how it works

To make it easier for you, you can first search the internet for pretty illustrations for your doormat. Browse through graphic design web shops, on Etsy or search Google for the topics “bundels + abstracts + patterns” in combination with your favorite style, such as “marble, terrazzo etc.” You will find many design ideas. I had a hard time deciding whether it should be something with marble graphics, watercolor effects or terrazzo style. There are also such beautiful graphics with flowers that can look great for the living room doormat by the garden door. Such a package with digital illustrations for private use often only costs a few euros.

Which photo is suitable for a doormat?

Alternatively, you can also take a photo. But consider that you might not want to put your dirty shoes on a face that much. Landscapes or detail shots would perhaps be more suitable motifs here.

What file size does my photo need for an individual doormat
Also, make sure the image is of high quality. With a right click on the file you can often see how many pixels the format has. It should be at least 1MB. Mine was about 5MB in size.
If you have a photo editing program, you can use it to resize the image to the right size. The dimensions of the doormat are 50 x 70 cm.

Design doormats at MEINFOTO

If you upload your illustration or photo to, you can adjust it a bit. You can then see whether it fits the format and you can also add a lettering.
I have already added my texts in the photo editor, but you can also do this on the website in the next step. Adds a text and possibly a background color if the subject makes the text otherwise difficult to read. For example, the family name, a welcome or farewell greeting or a motto would be suitable.

Doormats create terrazzo style

Now all you have to do is order the whole thing and your housewarming present is ready and can be nicely wrapped.

The result turned out really great. The print is sharp and the lettering is easy to read. The mat is relatively thin and soft on the top and has a non-slip bottom.

Print floor mats

Give away an individual doormat when moving house – nice packaging idea

I made a small pop-up house card and chose a beautiful bouquet of flowers to round off the gift.

Folding card house gift idea
I simply cut the card out of thick, white paper. It has the dimensions 20 x 14 cm. Then, using a ruler and a precision knife, I cut out two windows and a door. Now punch a hole in the top and pull a ribbon through it. You can now tie this around the rolled-up doormat.

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Design doormat design

By the way, you can find more gift ideas for moving in in the Gift Finder according to the occasion, such as the flower glass.

DIY cash gift for moving in Make your own flower jar 2

All the best,
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