How to make this Easter gift in the IKEA glass jar *contains advertising

Are you looking for a homemade Easter present? Together with IKEA, I’m showing you this DIY Easter glass, filled with a basket full of milk chocolate eggs and delicious fruit jelly. A decorative rosemary wreath entwines around the basket. The content is presented by a cute cardboard bunny that cautiously peers out of the meadow and awaits the recipient with a little Easter greeting 😉

By the way: If the recipient has plundered all the sweets from the Easter present, then the glass can easily be converted into an Easter lantern:

Material list:

That’s how it works:

1.) Make baskets Take the SLIPPRIG tealight holder and fill it to the brim with Easter eggs and other sweets. Then you braid an approximately 8 cm long ribbon out of the jute cord, which you simply put into the filled basket on both sides so that it looks like a handle.

2.) Fill glass can You now wrap the rosemary sprigs together like a small wreath that is as big as the diameter of the glass and put it inside. Then you put the filled basket with sweets in the middle of the wreath.

3.) Make a rabbit Transfer the bunny freebie shapes onto a piece of card stock and cut them out. Transfer the inner ears to a piece of white paper and glue them to the cardboard ears. Bend both ears a little so that they are three-dimensional. Then glue the bunny together with hot glue as shown. Draw the face and paws with the black felt-tip pen and glue on a white paper nose. Finally, the bunny gets a headdress made of a small flower (SMYCKA) and a small sprig of rosemary.

4.) Make a meadow Now transfer the two meadow parts of the freebie to cardboard and cut them out. Then glue both parts to the left and right of the rabbit with hot glue. Now wrap the shape tightly around the glass jar and glue it into a circular shape. To ensure that the shape sticks well to the glass, you can add a few blobs of hot glue, which can be removed later. Now write “Happy Easter” on a piece of cardboard and attach it to the toothpick, which you can then stick in the meadow.

5.) Label the lid Finally, cut out a circle with a diameter of 11.5 cm from the cardboard and label it with a personal Easter text. Then attach the circle to the bamboo lid with a dab of hot glue. The cute DIY Easter gift in a glass is ready!

Tip: When all the sweets have been plundered from the basket, the glass can also function as a beautiful Easter lantern. Simply remove the lid, put a tea light in and you’re done.

Make a rabbit's nest

Have fun tinkering and giving away,

Your Sammy


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