Today I’m going to show you how to make this flamingo invitation! It’s very easy to make from large matchboxes and pink wool, but it looks really elaborate and beautifully summery – perfect for the coming birthday season and for little flamingo fans!

Material list:

  • My flamingo print file: CLICK
  • pink construction paper: CLICK
  • white paper for the inside text
  • Blank matchboxes large: CLICK
  • Felt wool neon pink: CLICK
  • Glitzerwolle pink: CLICK
  • black, thin wool: CLICK
  • Confetti: CLICK
  • Googly eyes 4 or 6 mm: CLICK
  • Marker black and white
  • glue stick
  • hot glue
  • Scissors

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Have fun crafting the flamingo invitation and have a nice celebration!

Your Sammy


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