Since the end of March there has been a new addition on my creative bookshelf waiting to be used: Sweet Amigurumi – The Basic Work by Inga Borges and Simone Conrad. Today I present the book to you here and may share a cute little crochet pattern from it with you: a chameleon!

Book presentation Sweet Amigurumi – the basic work – All techniques and many insider tips

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A large crochet mouse to pull up and down with lots of little baby mice is one of the first handicraft creations I can even remember making. Crocheted from leftover red and yellow yarn. This was followed by many, many pot holders for my grandma for Christmas – and then nothing for a long time. I only rediscovered crocheting during my first pregnancy. In addition to one or two larger projects (such as this baby blanket), I prefer to crochet small gifts (like these teething toys with crocheted beads) or small cuddly toys. While I dare to start crocheting with simple projects such as blankets or grasping toys, I really follow the instructions step by step for small animals and the like. That’s why I was really excited about the book Sweet Amigurumi – I was still missing a basic work in which I could look up techniques for my own projects.

You can also find both authors on Instagram and Etsy. Inga Borges, who wrote the basics part, is also Miss Line known. For example, you can find this cute toucan in her Etsy shop. You may know Simone Conrad as ms.eni. She wrote three extra amigurumi instructions in the book. This cute stacking otter is my favorite from her Etsy shop.

This is what awaits you in the book Sweet Amigurumi

As hoped, the book Cute Amigurumi is really a very Extensive basic work, with many helpful photos. Inga Borges explains many things on over 280 pages using three amigurumis, the character Trixie and her two friends (wild cat and chameleon). Variants, methods and tricks and tips.

In addition to chapters Tools, material, accessories and all crochet and embroidery basics the book also contains detailed chapters on amigurumi techniques and themes Shaping faces, hair and hairstyles and clothes. I like the many well thought-out details, for example the instructions for colored glasses. These basics can be used to adapt existing instructions to your own taste or to combine your own figures. However, crochet beginners can simply follow the detailed step-by-step instructions at the end of the book. In addition to the patterns for Trixie, Wildcat and Chameleon, there are three additional patterns from ms.eni in the book. This is one parrot, a bear and a whale with lighthouse. All three characters went straight to my list of ideas for gifts for children. The book also explains which aspects have to be considered in relation to child safety with amigurumis.

My verdict on the book

My conclusion: A practical reference work – regardless of the crochet level, helpful and usable for everyone!

Sweet Amigurumis – The Basic Work” by Inga Borges and Simone Conrad (ISBN 978-3-7474-0539-0) was published in 2023 by mvg Verlag (Münchner Verlagsgruppe GmbH, Munich).

Exclusive chameleon crochet pattern from Sweet Amigurumis

We’re so excited to share a pattern from the book with you, and now we’re going to show you how to crochet a chameleon. Please note the copyright and only use this manual for private purposes.

Chameleon crochet pattern


  • Schachenmayr Catania (100 % Baumwolle,LL 125 m/50 g) in
  • 2 half pearls Ø 4.0 mm
  • fiberfill
  • Crochet hook 2.5 mm
  • Scissors
  • Wollnadel
  • pins



Crochet in spiral rounds. Start with mignonette.

  1. Rd: Crochet 6 sc in a magic ring.
  2. Rd: 3 x 1 M zun, 3 fM. [9]
  3. Rd: 9 fM.
  4. Rd: 4 x 1 M zun, 5 fM. [13]
  5. Rd: 5 x 1 M zun, 8 fM. [18]
  6. Rd: 18 fM.
  7. Round: 18 sc ihc.
  8. Rd: 4 fM, 3 x 1 M abn, 8 fM. [15]
  9. –10. Rd: 15 fM.

Fb change to mud.

  1. Rd: 4 fM, 7 x 1 M zun, 4 fM. [22]
  2. Rd: 22 fM.

Fb change to Reseda.

13. –14. Rd: 22 fM

Fb switch to honey.

  1. Rd: 22 fM.
  2. Rd: 7 fM, 4 x 1 M abn, 7 fM. [18]

Fb change to Reseda.

17.–18. Rd: 18 fM.

Fb change to rose gold.

  1. Round: *2 sc, dec 1 st*, repeat from * to * 3 more times, 2 sc. [14]
  2. Rd: 14 fM.

Fb change to Reseda.

  1. Rd: 14 fM.

Start stuffing the body.

  1. Rd: 7 x 1 M abn. [7]

Fb change to mud.

23.–24. Rd: 7 fM.

Fb change to Reseda.

25.–34. Rd: 7 fM.

Fb switch to honey.

35.–39. Rd: 7 fM.

Cut yarn, thread through all front loops of st, tighten and sew.


On the 7th round of the body, cast on in the front loop of the 17th st with 1 standing sc from the top. The head is pointing towards you.

Crochet in R over the head.

  1. R: 14 fM ivM

Fb change to rose gold.

  1. R: 4 fM, 6 x 1 M zun, 4 fM. [20]

Fb change to Reseda.

  1. R: 20 fM.

Cut and sew the thread. For the 4th row, cast on with a standing sc in the 1st st of the 3rd row with rose gold and crochet as follows:

  1. R: *Skip 1 st, 4 htr in 1 st, skip 1 st, 1 sl*, repeat from * to * 3 more times, skip 1 st, 4 htr in 1 st, 1 sl. [20]


crochet in rounds

  1. Rd: Crochet 5 sc in a magic ring. Pull the magic ring tight and finish the round invisibly. Sew to body between rounds 3 and 6, 2 sts apart. Glue on a half pearl.


Häkle in Spiral-Rd.

  1. Rd: Crochet 6 sc in a magic ring.

2. –5. Rd: 6 fM.

  1. Rd: 1 st inc, 1 sc, 1 st inc, 1 ch, the remaining sts remain free, turn. [5]

From here, crochet in R.

  1. R: 1 M abn, 1 fM, 1 M abn. [3]

Cut the thread long and use it to sew the legs to the right and left of the body. The M of the 7th R are in front.

Have fun crocheting,


Note: We publish this crochet pattern in consultation with the publisher. Copyright Instructions and images © 2023 »Cute Amigurumis – The Basics« by Inga Borges and Simone Conrad (ISBN 978-3-7474-0539-0) by mvg Verlag, Münchner Verlagsgruppe GmbH, Munich. More information at:

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