Today I have a super easy craft idea for kids for you: Halloween ghosts! These cute ghosts with pumpkins are very easy to make and all you need is paper, glue, scissors and colored pencils!

DIY Halloween ghost crafts – easy craft ideas for kids

Today’s idea is a little mini DIY that you can easily implement spontaneously without much effort. I love spontaneous craft rounds that can just start without having to get a lot of materials first. The ghosts are created simply from hand outlines – so you can easily paint a beautiful ghost shape! And depending on their age, the children can implement the idea completely independently.

You can then use the finished paper ghosts to make a beautiful Halloween garland or simply stick them in the window.

This is what you need – make Halloween ghosts out of paper

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  • Craft paper or construction paper in white and orange (I actually always have a set of construction paper on hand – perfect for spontaneous craft ideas!)
  • glue stick
  • Scissors (these children’s scissors work well)
  • colored pencils

Tip: Whether you use paper or cardboard is entirely up to you, cardboard is of course a little more durable!

This is how it’s done – make Halloween ghosts out of paper

Step 1 Draw a ghost shape easily – with a handprint

The ghost shape is easily created by tracing the outline of a hand – so simply place a hand on a piece of paper and then roughly draw around it with a pencil. Don’t follow each individual finger closely, but just start painting it loosely – this will quickly create a ghostly robe. The children can then cut out the shape.

Step 2 Paint the ghost face

Any child can paint the ghost face however they want – for us it consists of two eyes and a friendly mouth – plus two pink cheeks.

Step 3 Easy Pumpkin Drawing for Kids

Each ghost also has a small pumpkin with it. If your children don’t really know how to draw a pumpkin themselves, it often helps to paint it step by step: first a semicircle on the left, then one on the right. And then just add semicircles to the inside on both sides. Finally, add a stem – then the pumpkin is ready to cut out. Now just glue it together – done!

Have fun with the cute little ghosts!

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