Sometimes a DIY needs something before it finally becomes something, and then you are all the happier with it. The crystals for this DIY have really been in my closet for almost two years – I just saw that when I was looking for the link for the list of materials. But somehow they were always too boring for me alone in combination with wooden beads. Until I found some leftover polymer clay and it clicked: Tadaaa, I present: DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads.

DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads made of polymer clay – small gift idea

When the sun is shining, the crystals of the sun catcher throw a small mini disco on the wall. Beautiful light reflections then dance through the room! I’m looking forward to hanging them up right after the move. Hopefully it will have gone well by the time this article appears! The instructions are really super easy.

That’s what you need – DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads made of polymer clay

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  • Sun Catcher Crystals – I bought a set of crystals that are unfortunately sold out. Here’s the alternative: 15 crystals
  • Solid cord or nylon strap
  • wooden beads
  • Fimo – I used Fimo soft in the colors peppermint, windsorb blue and dolphin grey
  • Fimo bead maker set (optional – also works without! )
  • Needle or thin skewer

Here is an overview of the products again

Make a DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads yourself – how it works – instructions

DIY sun catcher with terrazzo beads made of polymer clay gift ideas moving in

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I immediately made a small batch of beads so that I can thread several sun catchers. In the set I linked above, there are definitely enough crystals to feed your entire circle of friends.

This is how you make the DIY beads in terrazzo look from polymer clay yourself

I used different techniques to design the Fimo soft beads. If you want to form a lot of beads quickly, then the bead shaper is definitely worth it. You just put a small amount of polymer clay in there, rub it back and forth, and you have a perfectly formed bead – you just have to pierce one hole.

I shaped the large beads in the terrazzo look with my hands. To do this, I first simply kneaded a piece of Fimo in a basic color until soft and then rolled it through small mini pieces of Fimo in other colors. Kneaded a little more and then pressed into the desired shape and pierced once. If you don’t like the result immediately, you can simply repeat the step over and over again. This creates interesting effects. I chose different shapes: long, narrow beads and larger, flat, organically shaped ones. I also designed a few smaller beads in one color in the primary colors.

I then hardened the beads in the oven at 110 degrees for about 30 minutes according to the instructions and let them cool down.

DIY beads in terrazzo look made of polymer clay DIY ideas with polymer clay

Thread DIY sun catcher

In the end, I simply combined the pearls however I felt like it. With a small needle you can then thread everything onto a thin nylon thread and tie it tightly.

Complete! Have fun tinkering,


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