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If you are looking for a humorous party activity for a girls’ afternoon in the style of English costume drama series à la Janes Austen or Bridgerton, we have a super fun idea: DIY vintage straw hats, aka english bonnets.

Bridgerton Style Fancy Dress Party Ideas – Vintage Straw Hats DIY

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Of course, a really nice high tea party with homemade straw hats also includes a stylish invitation and the right food. So take a look at our article on the high tea invitation. We also have great scones recipes on the blog: scones recipe and scones with yoghurt and strawberries. I’ll link you to the new recipe for English sandwiches on Sunday.

Strawberry yoghurt scones with strawberry curd - quick Sunday cake recipeRhubarb scones with rhubarb compoteOrganize Bridgerton party

I threw my last tea party on Coronation Day. And of course I had to include my two little girls as well. They were also allowed to decorate a straw hat with paper flowers and feathers, with our help. Otherwise we just left it intact. With self-adhesive flowers, you can also do the decorating yourself.

I’ll show you how easy it is to make a hat like this.

DIY vintage straw hats – for cosplay or dress up parties

DIY idea bachelor party hats decorate straw hats hoods costume drama

Jane Austen straw hat craft DIY Bridgerton cosplay costume party


How to make a bonnet – vintage straw hat

Instructions straw hat hood vintage crafts

First you cut out the shape. Since the hats are worn more in the neck and the peak then goes up to the side, you have to cut out part of the neck area. The photo explains it better than words.
Lay the hat on the table in front of you with the front facing away from you and draw an imaginary line bisecting the hat from left to right (i.e. from ear to ear). Mark these places. Now you cut from this point a little diagonally backwards, up to the base of the hat. It is best to leave the first braided row at the nape of the neck. And then you cut away the entire back edge.
So that the whole thing doesn’t unravel and looks nice, you now choose a ribbon and glue it all around the edge of the hat with hot glue.

Now you have the shape!

So that you don’t lose your hat while walking in the wind, you now need a ribbon to tie it on. This band also keeps the front of the hat in shape so that the front of the hat fits better around the face.

First cut the ribbon. You need about XX cm.
You can first glue the band to the inside of the hat with hot glue and then sew it on, especially on the sides at the bottom, with a few stitches for a better hold. For a one-time appearance, the hot glue would probably be enough.

Vintage straw hats – decorate bonnets – bachelorette party idea

Now comes the part that is the most fun. You can now decorate the whole thing stylishly or over-the-top. With the hot glue you can attach feathers, flowers, beads and whatever you like.

Your bonnet is ready. Now you are well prepared for an elegant walk in the park.

DIY Straw Hats Bonnets Decorate Mardi Gras Costume

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By the way, you can also send and fold the party invitations in a sealed letter like in the old days:

How to fold a letter without an envelope as before

Have fun! All the best,
your Maike

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