Dollshouse craft: tiny, eerie and crafty

Tiny versions of every day things are always fascinating, so it makes sense that an entire tiny house full of tiny things would be a must-see. The Call of the Small site doesn’t disappoint.

Created by blogger Callsmall, the tiny worlds on Call of the Small are a wonder to behold. There are teeny tiny versions of everything from a crafty table complete with scissors, glue and a sticky tape dispenser to the utterly awesome tiny cut out wood scene in the Curator post, made by Daspuppenhaus.

Many of the items are bought rather than crafted (though they must have been crafted by someone) but the craft here is how Callsmall sets it all out and adds extra touches. Aquarium plants, Japanese erasers, origami paper, beads; all feature in her minuscule creations. Her houses are tiny worlds of crafty beauty.

Total miniature craft genius.

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